The loft of Demely Liliane (Moorsele, BE): a family based on superior first prize winners!

The Vanneste-Demely family lives in Moorsele, a town in the south east of West Flanders, about five kilometres away from the French border. The family races under the name of the mother Demely Liliane.

The success of this pigeon family today is mainly the result of the renowned Draaier bloodline. This line originates from two direct pigeons from the excellent loft of Antoon and Hilde Reynaert from Passendale. It all started with the introduction of the hen Bontje Reynaert 024/03. As a young bird she performed very well but she would never enter Antoon’s loft after the race. This hen was moved to the breeding loft in Moorsele in the end of 2003.

Bontje Reynaert 024/03 is a sister of
      1st Prov. Tours - 4,052 p.
      2nd Nat. Zone Argenton - 14,535 p.
Broer Bontje Reynaert 024/03 is the sire of
       6th Nat. Bourges - 42,763 p.
       1st Prov. Ace Pigeon KBDB Long Distance Young Birds

The dam of Bontje Reynaert is Elia, a half sister of the famous Figo. Elia was a daughter of the stock sire Goen x Crissie, the dam of Figo. The first youngster that was bred from Bontje Reynaert won the title of fifth Prov. Ace Pigeon Young Birds West Flanders in 2004. The brother of this youngster, T. Boonen 630/06, has been the new star in the loft of Demely since 2006, as winner of for instance:

1st Prov. Ace Pigeon KBDB 2007
1st Clermont - 456 p.
1st Clermont - 413 p.
1st Arras - 136 p.
1st Clermont - 56 p.
1st Clermont - 46 p.

2nd Clermont - 450 p. (behind a loft mate)
2nd Clermont - 352 p.
2nd Clermont - 143 p.
3rd Clermont - 230 p.
4th Clermont - 427 p.
5th Clermont - 216 p.

The sire of T. Boonen was Zoon Schicht 207/00, which was in turn a son of the outstanding breeder Schicht 647/92 of Reynaert, paired to Wendy 103/93. The 207/00 is a brother of the first Prov. Ace Pigeon Favori (as winner of twelve first prizes) and also a brother of three other Prov. Ace Pigeons: Supercrack, Keizer and Figo. In addition he is also the half brother of Kleine Figo (the sire of Kannibaal), Kerkduifje and many other outstanding racing pigeons. The Schicht 647/92 won seven first prizes and he is the sire of three Prov. Ace Pigeons KBDB: Favorie (twelve first prizes), Keizer (fourteen first prizes) and of course Figo (sixteen first prizes, including a first Nat. Bourges against 12,266 pigeons).

Wendy was the dam of the two Prov. Ace Pigeons KBDB Favorie and Supercrack, which has won ten first prizes. Wendy is also the dam of Prins, the grandfather of Superprins, second Nat. Ace Pigeon KBDB 2010 for G. Clique.

Click here to see the talented children of Zoon Schicht 207/00

Tommeke Boonen was the only youngster in the first round of 2006 bred from Bontje Reynaert 024/03. That same 024/03 bred another top class pigeon in the second round: Den Draaier 670/06. His name says it all: he has missed a lot of top prizes by not entering the loft immediately after the race. Instead he circled around the loft. He won eighteen top ten prizes and four first prizes as a racing bird, including a first Ablis 6,356 pigeons as the fastest bird in the province. The sire of the Den Draaier was Jonge Schicht 065/98, winner of seven first prizes and an excellent breeder. The Jonge Schicht was a brother of 207/00. In other words he was also a son of Schicht and Wendy.

Jonge Schicht and Bontje Reynaert have bred at least 25 different first prize winners since 2006. Together these descendants have won 55 first prizes for Liliane Demely and many more top prizes in lofts in Belgium, The Netherlands and other countries.

Click here for a list of hte most important children of Jonge Schicht 065/98 x Bontje Reynaert

Some pigeons were added to the existing breed in 2007 and they were bred from the best breeders of Freddy Vandenheede from Zingem. They obtained for instance Freddy 383/07 and Zus Freddy 384/07. This pair was bred from Sjah (a son of the amazing breeding pair Limoges and Goudklompje De Rauw-Sablon) and Geschelpt Engels (of Cooler Couleur).

Their brother Mastodon is the winner of the following prizes:
      6th Nat. Cahors - 8651 p.
      5th Souillac - 1,738 p.
     18th Nat. 7,045 p.  
     3rd Tulle - 1,080 p.
     13th Nat. - 5,676 p.
     12th Prov. Chateauroux - 3,772 p. 
     60th Nat. Cahors - 7,347 p. 
     38th Nat. Souillac - 3,290 p.

The Freddy 383 and his sister formed a perfect combination with the children of Jonge Schicht and Bontje Reynaert. Freddy 383/07 and Beauty (a sister of Den Draaier) are the parents of five first prize winners, including Fast Lady 125/10 and Fast Freddy. The Draaier and Zus Freddy 384/07 are the parents of for instance, Hazard 120/11, winner of five first prizes. A brother of Draaier and a sister of Freddy were in turn the parents of Lisbeth, winner of five first prizes including a first Prov. St. Junien! This is indeed an excellent combination...

It is rather difficult for this loft to win national top prizes due to its location. The Demely loft can only aim to win a prize when the wind blows from the north or the east. They have won for instance, a sixth Nat. from Tulle in 2012. However, other lofts in Belgium and The Netherlands have already demonstrated that these pigeons are capable of winning first prizes against thousands of birds!

Click here for some excellent references with Demely pigeons in other lofts

As you can see from the references this pigeon family consists of outstanding first prize winners. This inevitably leads to top performances in provincial and national races. There is a saying that goes, first prize winners are bred from first prize winners. The loft of Liliane Demely is a perfect example.

Click here to see the structure of the Liliane Demely pigeon family

The future

With the new national calendar for 2013 and the rather unfavourable position for the races of the longer middle distance David is now considering contacting a good fancier from around with a better location for the national races with east wind and south-west wind. The idea is to be able to put his pigeons to the test in a loft with a better location for the Nationals. In any case his main goal is to achieve great results in his own loft. It seems that this pigeon family is on a roll, given the number of provincial first prizes in recent seasons. They might as well win a national top prize next season, who knows? It would be a reward for the pigeon family of Demely that managed to hit the spotlight with excellent results!

The highlights of the Demely loft in Moorsele:
2008 : 21 x 1  including a first Prov. Tours
2009 : 19 x 1 
including a first Prov. Limoges
2010 : 19 x 1 
including a first Prov. St -Junien
                    1 Prov. La Souterraine
2011 : 17 x 1 and a second Prov. Poitiers and second Prov. St-Junien
                    1 Intprov. Ace Pigeon both Flanders with 1.02%
2012 : 14 x 1 (despite the less of three top class pigeons that won 13 first prizes together)