David Vermassen (Gavere, BE): a great 2012 season

David has been successful locally, provincially and nationally for several years now and this season was no exception. He won 18 first prizes, four provincial victories and several top results in different championships.


The 38 year old fancier who works as a builder started the middle distance season with two provincial first prizes. In the first flight of the season from Vierzon he took the win with ‘Amber’ and ‘Merdart’. Two more provincial victories would follow: one with the young birds from Vierzon and one with the old birds from Gueret. His loft houses about 40 breeding pairs, 28 racing hens, 32 widowers and approximately 120 young birds.

Until 1994 David had no idea what pigeon fancying was. It was his friend and colleague Alfond Dossche who introduced him to the sport. Alfons bred a round of youngsters for David and in no time he became a pigeon enthusiast. Some time later David came into contact with Freddy Vandenheede and Johan De Vroe. David was very successful with the bloodlines of De Vroe in the late 1990s. His Iron Lady won the title of Provincial Ace Pigeon East Flemish Youth Club and he achieved many top results with pigeons of Freddy Vandenheede and Andre & Patrick Desmet as well.

The stock pair of the Vermassen family is Bonte Crack x Sayenne. The two birds originate from excellent pigeons. Bonte Crack is for instance a pure son of ‘Frans’ of Freddy & Jacques Vandenheede. Frans is in turn a direct son of the “Dream Couple De Rauw-Sablon” x Griezel 934/96, which makes it a descendant of the world famous ‘Topkweker Freddy’ from the late Pros Roosens. The dam of David’s stock pair, Sayenne, is a daughter of Iron Lady, the hen that won the title of Provincial Ace Pigeon East Flemish Youth Club, as well as a first National Argenton Zone A. This breeding pair has bred superior descendants, including the national winner from Gueret, the second Olympiad Pigeon Middle Distance Ostend 2007 and the first Olympiad Pigeon Cat. H Poznan 2011.

David met zijn trouwe helpers

Top results in 2012

At the end of the season he had 18 first prizes, four of which were at provincial level:

22/04 Noyon reg.    1st against 156 yearlings
22/04 Noyon reg.    1st against 81 old birds
06/05 Noyon reg.    1st against 300 yearlings
19/05 Noyon reg.    1st against 754 old birds
19/05 Vierzon reg.  1st against 363 old birds
19/05 Vierzon prov. 1st against 5,893 old birds
19/05 Vierzon prov. 1st against 2,738 yearlings
26/05 Bourges reg.  1st against 492 yearlings
02/06 Limoges reg.  1st against 326 old birds
21/07 Dourdan reg.  1st against 721 young birds
21/07 Soullac reg.  1st against 190 old birds
04/08 Vierzon reg.  1st against 720 young birds
04/08 Tulle reg.    1st against 137 old birds
O4/08 Tulle reg.    1st against 331 yearlings
04/08 Vierzon prov. 1st against 4,058 old birds
08/09 Guerret reg.  1st against 59 old birds
08/09 Guerret prov. 1st against 411 old birds
08/09 Guerret Beide Vlaanderen. 1st against 154 old birds

Championships 2012

Fanciers who achieve good results every week will automatically win prizes in the championships at the end of the season as well. These are the most important championship titles:

3rd General Champion East Flanders
2nd Provincial Ace Pigeon Long Distance
6th Provincial Champion Long Distance
7th General Champion FVOV
3rd Championship FVOV young birds
4th Championship OVV interprovincial young birds
4th Championship Belgium National Long Distance Trophy
3rd Championship Light Long Distance four days Zwalmvallei
1st Champion Extreme Middle Distance old birds Union&Liberté
2nd Champion Extreme Middle Distance yearlings Union&Liberté
2nd Champion Long Distance and Extreme Middle Distance Union&Liberté
Ace Pigeon one day long distance Lokeren

The highlights of 2012

Amber, a wonderful hen

Amber is one of the stars in this loft. This is a hen many fanciers can only dream of. Up to now she has already won 63 prizes per ten, including doubles. She is for instance winner of Blois prov. 8th against 2,595 birds, Montrichard 11th against 2,191 birds, Bourges prov. first against 1,558 birds, Bourges nat. 9th against 10,906 birds, Gueret nat. third against 2,953 birds, Vierzon prov. 23rd against 8,336 birds, Argenton nat. 81st against 11,001 birds, Vierzon prov. first against 5,893 birds, Chateauroux 147th against 3,833 birds and Montluçon 840th against 17,865 birds. This is only a small selection of top prizes. She has already won five first prizes in her career.

‘Amber’ 4091372/08 is a daughter of Marcus paired with Solange. Marcus was a top class racer and he seems to have excellent breeding qualities as well. He was winner of a first prov. Chateauroux against 4,854 birds and a 5th prov. Chateauroux against 3,202 birds. He is also the sire of Jamal, winner of a 2nd prov and a 9th prov from Bourges and Vierzon respectively. He was bred by Marc Helleputte from Merelbeke as a son of a cock of Gilbert Meire from Huise and a hen of Robert De Laere from Adegem. Solange, the dam of Amber, originates from Ben-Ami, a pigeon that was obtained from a fancier from Evergem paired with Bouillonneke, bred from a pure Van Den Heede.


Medart wins provincial from Vierzon after a difficult start

Medart had smallpox as a young bird so his results were not very good. He was lucky that he had a good sister and a fancier who believed in him. His results alone would not have been good enough to keep him in the loft. He was basketed twice for Dourdan and he won a small prize. The fact that David decided to keep him proves that he is a fancier with an eye for talent.

Medart had several great races this season. He won for instance a 12th prize against 373 birds from Noyon, he was second from Noyon against 300 birds and he won a first prov. prize from Vierzon against 2,738 birds. Medart was bred from Casper, a successful cock himself with for instance a 16th prov. from Blois against 1,944 pigeons, a 9th from Toury against 434 pigeons and a 47th from Orleans against 5,510 birds. Casper stems from the stock pair of this loft: ‘Bonte Crack’ x ‘Iron Lady’. The ‘Bonte Crack’ is the sire of for instance Olympic Dreamgirl (first Olympiad Pigeon in Poznan), ‘t Superieurke (2nd Olympiad Pigeon Ostend and Kytana and dam of 2nd nat. Bourges). The sire of Medart (Bonte Crack) has the bloodlines of for instance De Rauw-Sablon, Rene Van Den Heede, Jef De Ridder, etc.

The dam of Medart is a hen of Bart Piens. He gave her to David to see what she could do as a yearling hen. When the season started she always returned to the loft immediately instead of flying around; she could not be used as a racing hen. Eventually he decided to remove her from the racing loft and to pair her with a widower.


De Fighter (BE08-4091288)

These are the results of De Fighter:

Limoges old birds:

reg.  1st zgainst 326
prov. 4th against 3,466
nat. 12th against 13,781

Souillac old birds:

reg.   5th against 190
prov. 68th against 1,934
nat. 370th against 7,760

De Jonge Fighter (BE11-4241221)

De Jonge Fighter was very successful in 2012, with the race from Tulle as highlight. His best results this season:

Chateauroux yeralings:

       reg.   36th against 464
       prov. 104th against 4,019
       zone. 307th against 6,962
       nat.  364th against 15,902

Argenton yearlings:

       reg.   30th against 791
       prov.  74th against 5,548
       zone. 109th agaisnt 8,476
       nat.  296th against 22,384

Limoges yearlings:

       reg.   5th against 420
       prov. 41st against 4,573
       zone. 76th against 7,419
       nat. 177th against 17,735

Tulle yearlings:

       reg.   1st against 331
       prov.  4th against 2,490
       zone. 11th against 3,473
       nat.  14th against 10,251

Man O’War (BE09-4030733)

Man O'War achieved three national top results:

Limoges yearlings:

       reg.    7th against 326
       prov.  57th against 3,466
       zone. 238th against 5,957
       nat.  261st against 13,781

Souillac old birds:

       reg.  1st against 190
       prov. 5th against 1,934
       nat. 60th against 7,760

Tulle yearlings:

       reg.   1st against 137
       prov. 10th against 1,345
       zone. 72nd against 2,460
       nat.  81st against 6,817