FCI Olympic Flight from London: prize money

The prize money breakdown (per country) for the Olympic race from London has been announced.

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Announcement by the FCI:

The FCI (Switzerland) will transfer the prizes to the national unions/federations, which in turn have to transfer them to their members. You will understand that this is a complicated task with a lot of paperwork.

We have also brought beautiful medals from Nitra, where the first three of each zone were to be honoured. They will be distributed to the countries/federations. We will also distribute certificates of both Berlin and London to the national unions/federations.

The prizes that were won in the national race from Berlin will be awarded by the national unions/federations. In a meeting of the FCI it was agreed that Berlin was not an international race.

Last but least: in due time we will also thank the associations who helped basketing for the Olympic races for their cooperation.