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Breeding and racing pigeons for nearly 40 years. Now I own a stud loft specialising in Janssens, Vandenabeele, Flor Engels, Houben, Verbruggen, amongst others. PREMIO LOFTS offers Specialist breeding for One Loft Races like SAMDPR and Carnival City FCI races. Huge investment has been made in pigeons specialised over generations of breeding, for OLRs champions like Hans & Paul Esser, Thorston Daum, Paech, Willi Koch, etc, all FCI champions. Specialise in sprint and middle distance racing with an exclusive collection of Janssen Arendonk pigeons cultivated over more than 30 years in my own loft.




Racing Pigeons and pigeon geneology


Business Management Consultant specialised in Business Strategy and Planning

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