Round Trip in China...Every nice story has an ending [LAST UPDATE]

In June/July 2009 Luna and myself make a round trip in China. We try to visit as many as possible customers from PiPa. Of course with a limited time schedule and such a huge country like China, it is impossible to visit all of them. But this trip is such a great succes, so it will be repeated in the future. And then we can visit another group of customers. It is amazing to see that in such a short period of time, PiPa became a househould name in China when it comes down to exclusive pigeons. Nikolaas Gyselbrecht,




唉!怎么不和我联系一下呀!到了天津离我们这很近了,到我们这玩两天,娜姐把我都给忘了吧!!! Laughing

09年春赛市鸽会500公里 冠军 分速:1618.67 父亲: 是 雷腾超级523直子“雷诺”在pipa 拍的【NL2006-1240198】 ,母亲:是吉诺 克里克原舍赛绩鸽,感谢pipa 网提供这么好的鸽子。





排名 鸽主 棚号 足环号 性别 羽色 眼砂 归巢时间 空 距 分 速
1 纪章秋 000575 08-03-235779 雄 雨点 黄 2009-03-14 12:44:19 508.795 1618.67
2 郭通 800111 000000 雄 雨点 砂 2009-03-14 12:45:24 509.595 1615.71
3 张同林 800200 000000 雄 雨点 砂 2009-03-14 12:46:10 509.687 1612.08

纪先生您好 多謝來信因為行程緊湊..這次我們只能走馬看花明年有空ㄧ定去拜訪您多謝您的支持盧娜

那个上海滩养鸽高手我认识的, 应该叫李斌, 不是吕斌! Idea Razz

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