PIPA was present at the International Pigeon exhibition in Langfang (China) - update: movie

More than 200 exhibitors from Europe, USA, China and Taiwan, with famous lofts and of course fanciers from Belgium and The Netherlands. PIPA colleagues Minna and Jianming strengthen through personal contact the good relationship with the Chinese market.

Yesterday noon, a short movie about the Langfang exhibition was broadcast during the news. You can watch the movie here:


very nice

Thankyou PIPA for insight as to how it is in China.
It appears to be a well organised event which would be of interest to any fancier who was fortunate to visit. A long way from the hobby I knew as a small boy learning about life through my pigeons.
Many good birds go to China through the PIPA auctions it is now easy to see why. will China lead the way in the future ?

De oplossing om de duivensport in België te redden. Meer Chinezen naar België halen om hier te laten wonen en dan met ons samen met de duiven spelen. Razz

Ik heb hierin al het voorbeeld gegeven ... met mijn echtgenote naar hier te halen. Ze help nu ook mee de duifjes te verzorgen.