PIPA visits Tavira - Portugal National Day January from 14 to 16 - Photo report

From the 14th to the 16th of January 2011 the Portuguese National Days took place in Tavira. PIPA and a few top fanciers from Belgium and the Netherlands were invited to visit this 38th National Days.

The National Days take place in a different province every year. This time it was the turn of Tavira, so in the province Algarve. Next year it is the turn of another province. This means that every province has the chance to organise this event and it is not the same fanciers who have to travel a great distance every year in order to visit this fair. A good system in itself, except for when the fair takes place in one of the furthest provinces in the country, then there are some fanciers who stay away because of the distance.

The Algarve is known as being in the extreme south of Portugal, yet it was allowed to welcome more than 10.000 visitors this weekend! With the number of fanciers in Portugal between 15.000 and 20.000 this was logically seen as a great success.

There were many exhibitors, including both the international well-known companies as local well-known and less well-known Portuguese fanciers of companies.

Here below you can find a photo report with comments added regularly. Place close attention to the “Pigeon Villages”, a fantastic initiative from the Provincial pigeon club in the Algarve to promote the pigeon sport. In the photo report you can read more about it.


Eind augustus leg ik jaarlijks de riem op 't duivenhok er even af om met de familie op vakantie te gaan. Dit jaar gaan we voor 10 dagen naar Tavira en ik vroeg me dan ook af of ik geen bezoek zou kunnen brengen aan de Pigeon Village? Kunnen jullie mij geen (E-mail)adres bezorgen van iemand ter plaatse die het ziet zitten om mij eens rond te leiden ? Portugees spreek ik niet maar ik kan me wel voldoende behelpen in het Frans, Engels of Duits.
Alvast bedankt !

Dirk Ooms


Laat even je emailadres weten via en dan kan ik je een contactpersoon sturen.


The Pipa reporter was invited, placed in a hotel taken to see what the regime wanted to show the world - a Cuban like setup. It is not is fault.
Well, it is all very well published but the reality is that this is only pure propaganda very well orchestrated by the dictator regime imposed on the portuguese pigeon fanciers against they will, by the federation whose leader is José Tereso, also the president of something called f.c.i. a man that was never a Pigeon Fancier, even today cannot handle a Pigeon with is hands.

It is also very important to bring to the attention of the world that:

1º In Portugal the fanciers only have 18 races per year all organized by the so called associations, no young bird races are allowed, only what the dictator regime whose leader is José Tereso, decides is put into practice.

2º no club or any private organization is allowed to organize a race.

3º There are 86 trucks and trailers with 30 + tons capacity to transport the pigeons, all property of the associations.

4º These transporters are used for a maximum of 12 trips per year, the rest of the time are rusting in the parking lots.

5º Millions of Euros, funds from the European Community where used to acquire these monsters that are not being used to the benefit or
expansion of the sport, as well as luxury buildings that are not being used.

6º The fanciers here are forced to pay exorbitant sums to keep these monsters on the road, pay in advance for all the races in the calendar even if they do not participate in all the races.

7º The portuguese fanciers have no say in the election of the leaders, the electing system here is nothing but a farce, a fraudulent fact.

8º The federation does not know how many fanciers there are, the estimation is 9.000, down from 22.000 only a few years ago, the biggest loss in any country in the world.

9º More than 3 million euro disappeared from Mira, these amounts were never reflected in the books of the federation between the year 2000 and 2007.

10º The portuguese fanciers are footing the bill for all the travelling, accommodation and … for the president of the f.c.i. José Tereso and is friends.

11º The clubs in Portugal are the poorest in the world, it is normal to see elderly man loading the crates in to the trucks, in the rain at one in the morning in the open.

12º The average prize money a fancier can expect for a first prize is 10 euro.

13º The federation has a staff of 6 people, one earns approximately 50.000 a year, the other 5 approximately 10.000 a year each. But they have a budget, paid by the fanciers and tax payers of approximately 1 million euro for the current year.

14º The nice Pigeon Village that is documented was built by myself, sponsored with about 50% of the total cost by myself (c.i.c), the balance was paid by the municipality, not the government, with funds from the EC.
It is a lie that Tereso, from the federation, or Rui Emidio from the local association had anything to do with that project. During the 6 months of construction they were never once on site, and they involvement was never called for.

15º Please do us a favor: We the pigeon fanciers of this country need the help and cooperation of the rest of the free world. When Tereso visits your country, he loves traveling at our cost, and tells you all the lies about the Pigeon Sport in this country, please ask him to shut up and send him home to do what he preaches, but never did.

Inácio R. Oliveira
Director Internacional Breeding Station,
Rua da Ponte 1123,
4505 - 444 Lobão