PIPA visits Taiwan

When the end of the year is closing in, PIPA travels to the Far East to visit clients in Taiwan and China. On this year's trip to Taiwan from 15 to 24 October, PIPA CEO Nikolaas Gyselbrecht was accompanied by Bart Geerinckx and Benny Steveninck. An adventure during which old friends met again and new bonds were made.

Many years ago we started exploring the Chinese and Taiwanese market with Luna Lai. A small hobby project that was turned into the biggest auction website of exclusive pigeons in the world, thanks to Luna and the synergy between Luna & PIPA HQ. Nowadays PIPA has an entire team in Taiwan that is working very hard to make the PIPA brand stronger than ever. Great to see the dedication of our team in the Far East! In addition, it was a huge pleasure for me to meet all our important clients and especially to see that they are winning races with the pigeons bought on PIPA and that they are happy with the excellent after-sales service our Taiwanese team provides. Satisfied clients are one of the things that give me energy!

Pigeon racing in Taiwan is big. There are numerous clubs throughout the country and in each club there is not just one racing season per year but there are as much as three: a spring season, an autumn season and a winter season. Pigeons are released at sea from the north or south, depending on where you live, for a distance of up to 400 km. Pigeons are shipped by boat and liberated at sea (see boat example below). Pigeon racing is very tough in Taiwan. You cannot skip a race during the season, you have to race every time, and if your pigeon does not return within time, you cannot basket the bird for the next race.

I would like to thank Luna, Chris, Maggie and Shuping for organising the trip so well. Furthermore, I would like to thank the clients I visited for their great hospitality. Last but not least, I thank Bart and Benny for their great company.


Gingen jullie hoofdzakelijk om te eten en te drinken??????????

Nice to see ...just a lot of happy people Smile