PIPA visits China again!

On the 11th of November, a PIPA delegation embarked on its journey to China. Minna Yi ( COO PIPA ) and Thomas Van Cauwenberghe ( President of the board ) left together with Miss Sarah Jung ( SG Jung-Jupid ) for a short trip to China where they would visit the Lang Fang Pigeon Exhibition, the Gala-evening and final of the One Loft Race of Sissi, a visit to the final of the the One Loft Race of Great Wall and a few visits to clients in and around Beijing ...

You have surely already noticed that PIPA is an international company that gives a lot of importance to its relationships with pigeon fanciers and its clients all over the world. Recently PIPA visited Morocco, now we are in China, in a few weeks PIPA is invited as special guest for the celebration of the 50th birthday of the Philipinne pigeon federation. At the end of December PIPA will also visit Dubai, etc...


when this happened ??