PIPA rocks - Busiest stand at the Olympics in Poznan, Poland

Coming and going of many international pigeon friends … that’s how things were in the wonderful PIPA’s stand at the Olympiad in Poznan (Poland) last weekend. Nikolaas and Thomas were overwhelmed with questions and compliments on the sensational 2010/2011 auction season

Especially handing out the beautiful book PIPA Collectors Edition for free ensured an enormous rush ( …  it made PIPA the centre of the International pigeon world; also at the Olympics in Poland.

“At the Olympics it became very clear that PIPA’s status worldwide is huge,” says Nikolaas. “Many pigeon friends we normally only speak through e-mail or telephone, we now got to meet face to face. Because so many fanciers asked for our attention, we needed to divide our time carefully. Therefore I would like to thank all of them for the positive reactions on our websites and on PIPA Collectors Edition … a magnificent book where many fanciers present themselves. The spectacular lay-out and glossy looks give the book a real PIPA-character.”

Not in Poland but willing to order PIPA Collectors Edition? Please send an e-mail to


Well done to all at PIPA, what a great stand and the talk of the show, very clever marketing as well, worth the long trip from Oz. !!!!!!!!