PIPA IT-team visits DrupalCon in Copenhagen

The Pipa-IT-team joined the 4 day Drupal conference in Copenhagen (Denmark) to hear about new web-initiatives, tips and tricks, and to meet other web developers.

The renewed PIPA website that went online in april 2009 was build with Drupal, an Open Source platform for websites. As Drupal ( is a community project where everybody can participate, there are regular conferences with all "Drupalistas" from all over the world. The PIPA management allowed PIPA's IT team to visit this conference in Denmark. (Thanks Nikolaas, Thomas & Carlo!)

In the morning of Sunday august 22nd, we took our car and headed straight for Copenhagen. After a 13 hour drive we arrived in Copenhagen. We had to be there sunday evening because we had our first session already on monday morning!

The conference was attended by about 1000 top notch "Drupalistas" from all over the world. We had to make our choice from 42 different sessions per day - many of them presented by real "Drupal Gods" - exactly those guys who have shaped Drupal into the quality web platform it is today!

After 4 days of intensive sessions, we were happy to have "survived" this massive event. We went home with a lot of new ideas and better insight in the Drupal platform, so we're ready to face the big website-challenges that are ahead of us at the PIPA offices.


It was a great trip. Learned a lot and I'm really excited to build some new, crazy pigeon software! PIPA rockz!