PigeonPhotography visits Great Wall (China)

In June 2015, PigeonPhotography had the great honour to photograph the best pigeons of Dr. Guo aka Great Wall in China.

Rob Kroezen from PigeonPhotography posing with one of PiPa's employees

Dr. Guo Weicheng, also known as Great Wall, is one of the most famous pigeon collectors in the world. He became the biggest pigeon collector of exclusive pigeons in China. Dr. Guo Weicheng, who co-founded of one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in China, also organises the famous Great Wall One Loft Race in Beijing.

Great Wall's lofts house numerous prize birds

During the trip, several top pigeons have been photographed at the impressive lofts of Great Wall. All photos will be published in an exclusive book about Great Wall.

Part of the domain where Great Wall's lofts are located

The trip was arranged down to the last detail by Luna Lai, PIPA agent for China & Taiwan, for which we are very thankful. We would also like to thank all the people we met for their great hospitality.


This is really Great and Huge a Great wall ..

Thanks for such wonderful pictures.