PIPA IATP ranking 2016

  • Extreme long distance
  • Old birds
  • International
  • 31/12/2016

The showpiece of the PIPA rankings, the IATP ranking, has French winners this year, Alain and Valérie Pocholle, who already finished third last year. The silver goes to Hubert Stollenwerk (Germany) and the bronze is won Freddy Van Acker (Belgium). Fanciers from three different countries!


Browse through the full result of the IATP ranking 2016 here.

The IATP ranking (International All Times Pigeon) is a championship organised by PIPA. It lists the best first nominated birds on all six international extreme long distance races in which fanciers from all countries can participate. Those races are Pau, Barcelona, St Vincent, Marseille, Narbonne and Perpignan.

Goals of the PIPA IATP ranking

1. Promote and stimulate the West European long distance races.
2. Create a credible and honest ranking.
3. Include in the ranking as many as possible fanciers, competing in the international races.
4. Motivate and appreciate real top performances, in such a way that 4 top performances will rank higher than 5 average results.
5. Everybody competes. It is not necessary to enter, nor to submit results. The ranking will be calculated automatically by the organisation for everybody competing in at least one of the races.
6. The ranking tries to give everybody the equal opportunity. This for the so-called big professional lofts as well as the “small fancier”, as long as you enter at least 1 pigeon in every race.
7. PIPA will publish the complete ranking worldwide on the web.
8. The winner will receive a beautiful unique award. This price will be awarded thanks to the cooperation of sponsor Jaegerson. Click here to find more information about sponsor Jaegerson.

Click here to see PIPA IATP Rules