Jos Thone - As (BE) - The greatest ‘All Round’ champion of Belgium… just keeps winning -2010

There can be no doubt that Jos Thoné acquired his place between the greatest of our sport a long time ago… and is nothing new.

Yet, in contrast to the majority of pigeon fanciers who specialize in 1 branch or section of our sport (sprint, middle distance, long distance, grand distanced)… Jos is a real ‘all rounder’ who is not only active in all the disciplines of our sport… but who also knows how to shine, what’s more… manages to play a leading role. It is inherent in the master … the will to ‘win’… coupled with devotion, willing to sacrifice everything… just trying to get the very best out of everything that he tackles… trying to be the ‘best’ everywhere… in other words a piece of ‘healthy ambition’.

With the only footnote here of course… easier said than done! For whoever is not convinced… has to look at the proof! Jos Thoné is one of the few … maybe even the only one in Belgium… who races really well in all the branches of our pigeon sport, who plays a ‘dominant role’. That’s why over the years he has grown to be the greatest ‘all round champion’ of Belgium. A ‘status’ that he has acquired because of his often overwhelming performances… which have led to an imposing honours list… which is decorated with an endless sequence of victories and titles (tot at national and international level),including

6 x 1° National victories
2 x 1° International victories
1° National Champion KBDB Youngsters
Winner of 5 Olympiad pigeons
4 x World champion
5 x ‘Gouden Duif’-winner
12 x 1° National Champion BDS
13 x 1° National Champion LCB

Whoever performed better?

The 2010 sport season is slowly coming to an end, a sport season that didn’t pass unremarkably in ’Niel bij As’… because the Thoné pigeons were, as always, in a ‘winning mood’… with one 1° prize after the other… this from sprint to grand distance! Which once again more than proves the ‘all round’-capacities of the modern Thoné pigeon. During the last week of the month July we were offered a sample of ‘airmanship’ as proof of this thesis… when the Thoné pigeons managed to achieve resounding victories in the sprint , middle distance, long distance and grand distance all within one week… with

1° Chimay     213 p. (139 Km)… the umpteenth victory for super crack ‘Cavendish’!
1° Nanteuil 1.294 p. (290 Km)
1° Bourges    116 old birds (494 Km)
1° Tulle      123 p. (670 Km) and 3° National against 8.246 YL. (with a grandson of Sedna and Jutta)
1° Libourne   184 YL (806 Km) 

A week previously in the international race from Marseille he also won the 1° club 125 p. and 4° Prov 636 p. .. and this with the ‘grand distance crack’ FARO… already winner of 1° Prov Montélimar earlier in the season!  
In the meantime the Thoné pigeons just keep winning… the first weekend of August the counter stood at no less than 44 x 1° Prizes in the sport season 2010 (without doubles)… formidable isn’t it!! The honours list 2010 is then also a continuation of successes from club level up to national and international level… we have selected a few highlights for you:

1° Prov Montélimar  1.309 p.
1° Semi-Nat Moulins 2.971 p. (fastest of 5.649 p.) with wonder hen ‘Chloë’, the new star of the pigeon firmament in As… who also won 1° a week later, this time from Orleans against 511 p.!
2° Prov Chateauroux 1.437 p. (in which a handsome 10/10 was scored!)
3° Nat  Tulle       8.246 p.
3° Semi-Nat Jarnac  3.330 old birds
3° Semi-Nat Jarnac  3.714 yearlings
4° Prov Marseille     636 p.
4° Prov Cahors      1.044 p. (with crack pigeon ‘Girder’,  already 1° Prov Pau winner in 2009!)
8° Intnat Soustons 10.261 Yl
33° Nat Barcelona  12.641 p. and 69° Intnat 25.878 p... etc

This is just a selection from the ‘show of force’ that the Thoné pigeons displayed once again in 2010. Not only at home in As… but also in numerous other lofts world wide. So won Ian Stafford (UK) 1° National  against 18.368 p at the beginning of the season… and in the meantime ‘new top references’ stream in day after day from people who have managed to achieve top performances with that golden Thoné blood in their lofts! These include sport friend Bent Thomsen Petersen from Denmark who had a marvellous 2010 sport season… his colony is mainly built up with direct pigeons from Niel bij As… and also in Denmark the Jos Thoné pigeons deliver the proof of the ‘purest dominance’… see what sport friend Bent has achieved this season:

Championships 2010 Bent Thomsen Petersen:

1. General  Champion p.d.B. prov. (2 and 3 together) 
2. Champion middle distance p.d.B. prov. (2 and 3 together)
1. Champion long distance nominated p.d.B. sect. 42
1. Champion middle distance nominated p.d.B. sect. 42
1. Champion yearlings  p.d.B. sect. 42
1. Champion sprint sect. 42 ( 2 pigeons)
1. Champion sprint sect. 42 (nominated)
Ace pigeons i p.d.B. sect. 42       1. 2. 4. 6. 7. Ace pigeon
19 x 1. prizes in sect. 42 in 2010.

Shining, winning and dominating with Thoné pigeons at the basis… it is unimaginable how many fellow sportsmen enjoy this ‘privilege’… after the introduction of ‘noble pigeon blood’ from As in their lofts! And that in all the disciplines of our sport… not only at ‘home’, but over the whole world! That was more than proved and confirmed in 2010! Because Thoné pigeons are simply ‘world class’… of this there can be no doubt!


Beste ras duiven van de wereld.

ik ben benieuwd wanneer de volgende reportage komt met mensen die hard spelen met Jos thoné duiven... de verkoop moet toch gepromoot worden... of zie ik het nu verkeerd en ben ik negatief?