Sittner - Premier Stud - Merksplas (BE)

A sensational first win for the British/American Combination in the first race they have competed in against the mighty Antwerp Union, in the very first race of the 2010 campaign.

Union ZAV Antwerp 2037 old pigeons 01/05/2010
1, 4, 9, 13, 14, 15, 21, 25, 26, 27, 29, 44, 48, 50, 53, 66, 67, 79, 85, 104, 126, 134, 138, 149, 163, 173, 174, .... and 35 prizes 49 eng.

Union ZAV Antwerp 2037 yearlings  01/05/2010
1, 2, 3, 5, 30, 39, 55, 89, 101, 104, 117, 123, 151, 180, 190, 225, ... and 32 prizes - 52 eng.

The race held on May 1st from Melun a distance of 320 Kilometres that’s about 220 miles in old money, is the traditional start to the prestigious mid fond or middle distance classic races, in this one of the great organisations of the Belgium racing pigeon scene.
The membership list of which reads like a whos who of Belgium greats from the past as well as the present champions, such as last years loft to beat Hok Vercammen!
Of the 2037 old birds in competition, Sittner Premier Stud UK won 1st 4th 9th 14th 15th etc of the 2265 yearlings in competition, Sittner Premier Stud UK won 1st 2nd 3rd 6th etc, and in the COMBINED ANTWERP UNION OF 4302 BIRDS SITTNER PREMIER STUD UK WON AN UNBELIEVABLE 1st 2nd 3rd & 4th OPEN!
 at the moment the records of this great institution are being scoured to try and find the last time a single loft took all 4 top prizes that is if anyone ever has before now!!!!!!!!!
There is a very old saying that goes, always judge someone by the people they beat not what they win, and on this occasion the 2 lofts right behind the British American combo were none other than Rik Hermans and Dirk Van Dyke !!!!
Indeed when the loft was set up it was always the intention not just to fly in Belgium but to fly against the very best in Belgium, and try to beat them in their own backyard well what a start!

First question the Belgiums askedwas who the hell are these guys?
Well firstly Edd Sittner is a Builder from Las Vegas one of the partners in the setup he lives in Vegas 10 months of the year and will come to Merksplas to help fly the youngsters in the summer. Second partner is Graham Sparkes owner of Premier Stud Hull England home of some of the Finest Koopman Van Dyke and Bosua birds in Europe among the 10 world class families housed at the Stud, which is one of the finest establishments in the World, Graham is of course a silent partner in this loft as he has his own very successful racing loft at the stud flying in partnership with Les Bennett, but also wanted to test the studs bloodstock against the very best in Belgium

Which was the vision behind the venture in Merksplas.
The other 2 partners are Derek Nicholls of Cardiff who is again a silent partner apart from his 12  to 15 visits a year to watch the birds come from races and oversee the administration of the operation and he was indeed present for the celebration party on Saturday night after this first historic win. Of course the fourth partner is Brian Bolton full time loft manager and resident of Merksplas, Abley assisted by his Partner in Life, Love, and pigeons, the lovely Michelle. Brian has always wanted to compete in Belgium against the very best and with the great birds and facilities provided by Edd Sittner and Premier Stud and his undoubted ability as a Pigeon flyer he and the other guys involved will surely be a name to look out for in the years to come at the highest level of the Belgium racing scene.

Was anyone really expecting a start like this ?well not really, should they have been?
Well 2 weeks before the first Union race the team was sent to a small local race of 300 birds just a sprint of 70 miles the result in this village race ;
well Sittner Premier UK had the first twenty birds on the clock!!!!!!!!!!



Hi Ed

Congratulation to your team and yourself keep up the good work in Belgium And into the Vegas Race

See you soon Ria & Peter

Dad (Ed)-

Congratulations to you and your team. What an exicting start!!! Keep up the good work and the love for the sport.

Best Wishes -


Congratulations Brian & Michelle,Ed Sittner,Graham Sparkes,Derek Nicholls,Dave Walker,and all the staff at Merkplas & Premier Stud.A fantastic result,and....THAT'S GOLD !!!

Phil.... Smile

Congratulations to Premier Stud

Terrific start to the season
We are looking forward to the Premier birds
arriving in Australia . "down under"

Steve Pradella

Congratulations to the whole team. Truely an impact win and one everyone will remember.
To your continued success!