Roger & Dirk Speybroeck - Vinkt 1st interprovincial Tours on the 31st of July against 3375 youngsters .

The “Jari”: 3155237-10 from Roger & Dirk Speybroeck from Vinkt won 1st interprovincial Tours on the 31st of July under the organisation of the IWV against 3375 youngsters.

In the Inter West Flemish club 3375 youngsters passed by the basketting table for the interprovincial race from Tours.
With a velocity of 1560,35 m/min the “Jari” from father and son Speybroeck from Vinkt beat the entire peloton. The municipality Vinkt is situated near Deinze……..the Speybroecks have raced at an exceptionally high level in the Sprint, middle distance and short long distance for years.  It was firstly father Roger on his own , later son Dirk joined him…..they earn their living in the building trade ( mainly building villas) …..because of Roger’s age Dirk has his hands full with the building company and the pigeons.

The “Jari” is a pigeon that has already put a few things down on paper….He had already won the 2nd from Clermont against 401 pigeons, then the 62nd from 424p and the 41st from 194pp from Ablis. In the interprovincial Tours on the 31st of August it won in the Fond club: 1st from 170p and the 1st interprovincial against 3375p, the following race it also won from Tours the 6th from 90p and interprovincial the 80th against 2357p….

A barrel full congenital class !!

Father = the “Blauwe Blois”: 4255839-02
This class pigeon won self a.o.: the 1st from Blois 324p, the 19th from Blois 3775p , the 1st from Blois 205p, the 3rd from Blois 3052p, the 3rd out Chartres 449p, the 6th Clermont  790p, the 4th Clermont  152p, the 5th Chateauroux  255p, the 61st Chateauroux  4061p, the 42nd Poitiers  1021p, the 14th Poitiers  2070p, etc…….
GF:” Lichte Geschelpten” : 4374188-01
GM: “Blauwe Witpen”: 4464192-94

Mother: “Lady”: 4272791-06
GF: “Blauwe Sproete Blois” 4374173-01
Is amongst other things father of the 1st interprovincial Angoulème ( the “Blauwe Angoulème”), is father of the “Gonzales”: 1st provincial Argenton, is father of the “Speedo”: 1st prize Guldensporen race 2010 from Blois………
GM: “Aske”: 3195018-00 ( Declerck-Blancke)
Was 1st prov. Ace pigeon long distance youngsters and won a.o. 1st prov La Souterr. 2244p – 44th national La Souterr. 15306p – 8th prov Argenton 609p – 6th Tours 431p – 51st prov Blois 5878p – 79th prov Bourges 1830p, etc…….

From Tours on the 31st of July R & D Speybroeck achieved a.o. : 1st – 11st -12nd -33rd etc…..against 3375p .

•    The two year old “Speedo” won the Guldensporen race from Blois for old birds in 2010.
The podium will be waiting for Roger & Dirk during the West Flemish Provincial Day by the honouring of the champions of the annual Guldensporen race which is held with the co-operation of various sponsors and the cities Bruges and Kortrijk.
Their two year old “Speedo”, who by the way was their best pigeon in 2008, achieved this nice victory.
The “Speedo” is an own brother of the “Lady” , who we have just described above as the mother of the “Jari”.

See here a few results of the “Speedo”

-    Winner of the Guldensporen race from 1058p and fastest pigeon of the competition.
-    9th prov. Tours    2285p and 2nd in the Fond club from 77p
-    8th prov  Blois     547p
-    3rd       Ablis     326p
-    3rd       Orleans   939p
-    3rd       Orleans  1331p
-    22nd prov Argenton 5251p and 3rd Argenton Fond club 475p
-    19th prov Argenton 3387p and 2nd Argenton  Fond club 261p
-    Etc…….

By Roger and Dirk a selection of the youngsters are raced following the system of widowhood with the sliding door and another selection ( 50 %) are coupled with old cocks/hens.
Their loft consistency rests on the following sorts: The old pedigree Roland De Waele from Dentergem plus the “Crusson-sort” Van Landuyt supplemented with very good joint breed with the loft Declerck-Blancke from Tielt. Further pigeons out the line “Fideel” and “Geronimo” from P  & D Houfflijn from Wortegem. Then the line of the “Limoges” from A & R De Saer from Ruiselede and pigeons from Chris Debacker from Beveren-Leie plus from Linda De Sutter from Pittem and from the duo Gevaert-Lannoo from Meigem ( a.o. 6 children from their famous “Chateauke”)

That was the story of Roger and Dirk Speybroeck from Vinkt, a colony that has belonged to the eye-catchers for many years in the bordering zone between West- and East-Flanders…….We wish Roger and Dirk our warmest congratulations on the interprovincial victory from Tours and the victory in the Guldensporen race, this in addition to the many 1st prizes that they have booked this season.


Proficiat aan Dirk en Roger voor jullier interprovinciale overwinning Very Happy