Henri van der Linde -Sint Jansklooster (NL) 1st NPO St Quentin province 11 against circa 12.000 pigeons

You could not wish for a more festive atmosphere! Winning an NPO race during the annual flower parade. That happened to the 43 year old Henri van der Linde from Sint Jansklooster on Saturday the 21st of August.

Henri and Marianne van der Linde with the children Andrew and Lianne.

Sint Jansklooster is situated at the top of Overijssel and is known, along with Vollenhove, for its annual flower parade, which attracts a great number of visitors every year. Henri’s racing loft almost backs onto the party tent, but apparently the pigeons aren’t bothered by this. Because of the tail wind Henri expected the pigeons to arrive home early Saturday morning. He was at his post before eleven o’clock. It was taking too long for him when at around 11h15 he saw straight out of the west a pigeon above the loft. He flew a round and fell on the aviary. ‘Come on, inside boy’ Henri said and the bird walked straight over the antenna. It was the NL 10-4223414, a blue hen. Time of clocking: 11h14.45, which from a distance of 368,017 km. gave a velocity of 1.637,342 mpm. In the club ‘Flevopost’ in Vollenhove it was the first pigeon reported. With 43 pigeons in the race it took until 11h20 for the second pigeon to appear, but then all the pigeons arrived home in quick tempo. In the end 23 youngsters won their prize. At around quarter past four that afternoon the top ten from Province Friesland’96 appeared on teletext. And yes, at the top in first place stood Henri van der Linde from Sint Jansklooster, who with this had achieved his third NPO victory and twelfth Teletext notation! Henri, who was worked shifts in a milk factory in Rouveen for years, heard the good news that afternoon in the clubhouse in Vollenhove and bought a round of drinks for everybody straight away. And of course it remained jolly there for a long time!

Henri van der Linde has been involved with the pigeon sport since 1980 and over the last few years has belonged to the top of Province Friesland’96. A few handsome highlights are: 1st Ace pigeon Late races WHZB 2006 – 1st NPO Blois Province 11 2007 – 1st General N.N. ACG 9 2008 – 1st Champion Youngsters Fries Fond club East 2008 – 1st General N. ACG 9 2009 – 1st Champion 1-day long distance Fries Fond club East 2009 – 2nd and 3rd Ace pigeon Province 11 in 2009 – 3rd NPO Blois Province 11 2010 and then now 1st NPO St. Quentin Province 11. With only one race to go Henri is this year once again by the first champions General in Province 11. His basis pigeons come from Frits Boersma, Wolvega – Jacob Poortvliet, Surhuizum and Edwin van der Linde, Zwartsluis. Here in Sint Jansklooster they find the extreme middle distance the nicest discipline, but Henri also enjoys the game with the youngsters. This year he started with 50 youngsters and after 6 races 45 remained. The old birds were coupled at Christmas (two weeks earlier than normal in order to train the youngsters).  Stating at the end of March, they are darkened for 8 weeks. No lighting is used. All the youngsters reside in one loft. ‘Let them mess about, try to let the youngsters be exposed to as little stress as possible’ says Henri. He trains the youngsters ten times himself no further than Harderwijk. During the first races they are also trained during the week once, but not anymore. Feed is a Junior mixture and comes from Wielink, IJsselmuiden. Before the season a B.S. cure for tricho and with two nights in the basket also B.S. for one day. In addition, the day before basketting Orni Special. Further a paramixo and smallpox vaccination from veterinary surgeon Harrie Arts from Staphorst. So as stated, the youngsters performed magnificently this season. In six races 281 pigeons were basketted, which achieved together 141 prizes. In the preliminary results youngsters Henri stands 1st in ACG 9. The racing loft is a garden loft measuring 9 by 2 m. and consists of four compartments. In front of the loft there are aviaries, in which the youngsters spend the majority of the day. The support of his wife Marianne and son Andrew with the care of the pigeons is also very important. Because of his shift work they take turns in caring for the pigeons daily. It is nice that son Andrew is showing more and more interest in the pigeons, that does his father good.   

NL 10-4223414 from Henri van der Linde from St. Jansklooster. 1st NPO Province Friesland’96 against ca. 12.000 pigeons.

The winning pigeon
is a beautiful blue hen, which was raced with a three week old nest and had left the nest in the week before St. Quentin. Together with her cock she was just getting ready for a new brood. She is very attentive and does not like being held. Prior to St. Quentin she had achieved 3 prizes: 16th from 385 p. – 91st from 1.566 p. and 226th from 2.135 pigeons. Her father is the NL 98-2480223, a direct Wim Klaverstijn Jr. This is a pure Gaby Vandenabeele pigeon out one of the best breeding pairs of Wim. The mother is the NL 08-4207836, originating from sport friend Edwin van der Linde from Zwartsluis. She comes out ‘Korssie’ from Adrie Kors, Steenwijkerwold and ‘Lady Hennie’ from Henk Marsman, Zwartsluis. In 2007 this hen raced a 1st NPO Chantilly Province 11 against 13.160 pigeons.  Therefore a splendid lineage!
In the Van der Linde household the pigeon sport is a real family sport. Everybody is interested and helps when necessary. It is marvellous when you can enjoy your hobby together.
Once again our congratulations to you all!