The exceptionally classy “Orange” : 05-3201701 from Remy Vantorre - Virelles (BE) proclaimed 1st Acebird Rhône-valley 2009-2010.

To come straight to the point, we can say that the award listed in the title for the period ’09 -’10 was rightly given to an exceptionally god long distance pigeon.

What’s more……the “Orange” from Remy Vantorre is the full brother of the 2nd national Montauban from 2010 by Pierre Vandebuerie out the West-Flemish Harelbeke .
Remy Vantorre  was born and bred in West-Flanders in Heule (near Kortrijk) and since he has retired he has moved to the “Laars” for the peace and quiet of the beautiful nature in the province Henegouwen. He lives on the territory Virelles, but in fact it is only a kilometres drive away from the centre of the well known Chimay.
It was 10 years ago that Remy and his wife Roos moved into their beautiful villa with a large garden and a few  pigeon lofts. Just like many other fanciers who have bought a new house, the pigeon lofts were erected before the house. Remy housed a team of youngsters in the loft and one day all the pigeons were stolen… a new beginning was called for…..In the meantime the house was ready and Remy and Rosa could look after the pigeons themselves. For them it was the “new” start which up until now has grown into a lovely success story .

For 2010 Remy has been proclaimed  a.o. as 1st champion from Marseille per team of three hens. Because it is not just the “Orange” who has done well for him….Remy can proudly look back at an excellent team of long distance racers, with the “Piet” as stock breeder, obtained from friend Piet Vanderhaeghen from Wakken. This “Piet” won a.o.  -  when Remy still lived in Heule – the King’s Cup from Limoges and then in the lofts in Virelles developed into an absolute top breeder who is now father and grandfather of various superstars in the long distance .

The “Orange” 05-3201701 in the spotlights  !
As stated earlier, the classy pigeon was obtained from Remy’s good friend Pierre Vandebuerie,  which is why this pigeon is ringed with a “west-flemish” ring. For 2010 he was – just like all the widowers by Remy – coupled on Boxing Day and allowed to raise 1 youngster. There was a 2nd coupling on the 26th of March and then the cocks were allowed to brood for 5 days before starting widowhood.
As preparation the “Orange” consecutively raced Nanteuil( 152 km) – Lorris ( 275 km) – Gien ( 289 km) and Bourges ( 358 km). Then it was to Montélimar – Orange and Marseille with the following results       ( in 2010 )


  1st   Lorris 262 p
40th  Bourges 185 p
82nd  national Montélimar 7187 p
182nd national Orange 4466 p
18th  national Marseille 3340 p and 37th international 10333 p

 In 2009 the « Orange » won the following awards:
27th  Bourges 212 p
422nd national Montélimar 8332 p
112th national Orange 5240 p
47th  national Marseille 3586 p  

You can see that this concerns an exceptionally talented « Rhône-racer”……in the meantime the “Orange” has already collected the following titles :

 -  1st Acebird Rhône-valley 2009-2010
-  2nd Acebird Rhône-valley 2010.
-  3rd Acebird Rhône-valley international  2008-2009-2010. 

With this, the racing programme has definitely ended for the “Orange”, because after the 2010 season he was put into the breeding loft .

For completeness here also the results of the “Orange” from previous seasons, they are the silent witness of  the class that this pigeon possesses  :

        4th Soissons 707 p
        3rd La Ferté 759 p  
       11th Lorris   786 p
       13e13th Lorris   154 p
      133rd La Ferté 689 p
       19th Orléans  328 p
        1st Limoges ( 1h3m lead in the Fondclub) against 120 p
       22nd Limoges FCW 2965 p
      477th national Limoges 15507 p
 2007 : 
        1e 1st Argenton         182 p
       14th Argenton Entente 610 p
 2008 :  
	6th Nanteuil         654 p
       99th Lorris           416 p
       32nd Gien             387 p
        8th national Orange 4587 p ( with 1st provincial against 607 p)
      144th national Marseille 4000 p ( with 13th prov against 589 p ) 

Our warmest congratulations to Remy and Rosa on this beautiful title and this also on behalf of the many west-flemish pigeon fancier friends, especially from the Kortrijk region. A nice title for an exceptionally capable long distance pigeon !
We are wholeheartedly pleased for you !



proficiat remi met de prestatie van deze duif ne crack zoals ze dat noemen de groeten he' marc

hallo Remy
een dikke proficiat met deze uitslag,het is al een hele tijd da we nog van elkaar iets gehoord hebben he

Mijnheer Remy Vantorre
Kunt u eens langs deze weg laten weten wie deVader en de Moeder is van die duif. Of de afstamming daar van.
De beste sportgroeten.