Adelin Schuyvinck - Lovendegem (BE) the ‘tornado’ in the Meetjesland! Dominated the sprint happenings in the month April 2010

In the month April it is a case of ‘high flying’ for the men of the sprint in the game with the old birds. They have to be ‘sharp’… simply because the month May has the largest number of participating pigeons in the sprint.

At the moment the middle and long distance men are in full ‘preparation’… admittedly at the time they supply a larger number of participating pigeons for the sprint. Once May is on the calendar the pigeons are above Paris… and the number of participating pigeons in the sprint tumble down before your very eyes, especially from the middle of May… when those who haven’t done very well shut up their widowers lofts… to concentrate of the youngsters for the rest of the season. 
Now, the month of April is over… time then to make the first balance, for going to look for real shiners. Someone who really jumps out here … who stands ‘head and shoulders’ above the rest… is Adelin Schuyvinck from the East-Flemish Lovendegem, near Ghent. In the area of Meetjesland Adelin has belonged to the leading colonies in the sprint for years… this is well enough known… and this with both the old and young pigeons. What he has put down on paper during the month April borders on the unbelievable… and must be the ‘best tricks’ that he has pulled out his sleeve up until now… as a result of which he can undoubtedly demand a leading role as ‘speed demon’ of the month at national level! 

Everything started happening so quickly when Adelin bought a few pigeons from fellow villager, the late Noël Ginneberge… you know… the old 1° National Bourges-Winner in 1987. With his mini-colony Noël belonged to the absolute top in the middle distance and especially the grand middle distance in the Flemish country for over 20 years. A fact that didn’t go unnoticed by Adelin Schuyvinck… and heralded the basis of his current successes. When Noël  was forced to size down and later even stop with the pigeon sport due to health reasons, Adelin was round straight away to transfer this ‘top class’ to his loft… and it was a real Bull’s eye. The performance curve shot up like a rocket straight away… the opponents have had first-hand experience of the overwhelming domination of the Schuyvinck pigeons at certain times of the day. Included in the pigeons that Adelin went to fetch from Noel Ginneberge was not only the won old pedigree from Noël (generally based on the Bijter-line Gaby Vandenabeele)… but also a few Antoine Benoot pigeons that Noël hadn’t been able to test due to ill health. Coupled against the old Ginneberge stock these pigeons immediately proved their added value by Adelin Schuyvinck… so much so that it is almost impossible to race against the Schuyvinck pigeons at the moment. The widowers (19 in total) were coupled early, and were allowed to raise a round of youngsters… before they leave I hardly ever or never show a hen, Adelin told us… after a few weeks they know how the game Works, although I sometimes dare to use variation for the motivation before basketting. But whether this is of any importance… I have my doubts… after all it is always ‘class’, coupled with ‘condition’ that decides who has ‘the biggest slice’ of the cake in the competition, says Adelin. No arguing with that of course… and the results prove he is right!
Take a look at the spectacle with which the colony of Adelin Schuyvinck have dominated the opponents in the area of the Meetjesland during the month of April… say simple wiped them off the face of the map (results with prizes obtained per 3):

03/4 Arras    223 old birds  6-10-12-13-14-15-16-19-25-26-35… (14/19)
     Arras    117 YL    2-3-4-5-6-9-10-18-24-40 (10/12)
10/4 Arras    729 old birds  1-2-3-4-5-6-8-9-10-11-12-13-18-24-28-39…(18/19)
     Arras    369 YL    1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-17-30-92 (11/12)
17/4 Clermont 641 old birds  3-4-5-6-7-10-15-19-23-47-49-50 (12/12)
     Clermont 268 YL    1-2-5-11-14-25 (6/6)
17/4 Arras    321 old birds  2-4-16-17-62 (5/6)
     Arras    209 YL    1-2-7-8-34 (5/6)
24/4 Clermont 942 old birds  1-2-16-19-23-35-37-48-52-124-270 (11/11)
     Clermont 503 YL    1-6-7-11-17-24-26-57 (8/8)
24/4 Clermont 284 old birds  5-8-10-37-44-46 (8/8 in club Zeveren)
     Clermont 257 YL    7-38-41-44 (4/4 club Zevern)

Figures that reflect the strength of the modern Schuyvinck pigeon perfectly. Pigeons which occasionally have to fight with their own loft companions for the 1° prizes, and only then let the rest of the entire competition get a look in… rarely seen before. It is therefore not obvious which is the ’leader of the pack’ in the loft, since the pigeons race home like a chain every week… yet we have chosen the following 3 toppers for you, from this select company of top athletes richly populating the Adelin Schuyvinck colony at the moment:
-the B08-4243733 was not for nothing given the honour of being entered as 1° nominated by the old birds, he performed as follows in 2010:

10/4 Arras    729 old birds 2
17/4 Clermont 641 old birds 4
24/4 Clermont 942 old birds 1
-the B09-4275341 shined with the following top performances during the month of April 2010:
03/4 Arras    117 YL   5
10/4 Arras    729 old birds 9
              369 YL   5 (after 4 loft companions)
17/7 Arras    321 old birds 4
              209 YL   2 (after loft companion)
24/4 Clermont 942 old birds 2 (after loft companion)
              503 YL   1

Which boils down to this ‘crack’ of a yearling, counted against the competition, has already won 4 times… he only had to bow down to his loft companions 3 times for the victory!
-the B09-4275333 was just as brilliant and won the following prizes in April:

 03/4 Arras    117 YL   4

10/4 Arras    369 YL   4 (after 3 loft companions)
              729 old birds 8
17/4 Clermont 268 YL   5
24/4 Clermont 503 YL   17

Performances with which we can rightly declare the colony of Adelin Schuyvinck as leader of the pack in the region, and who knows, even at national level. The region groaned under the domination of this colony in April in the sprint races… a domination that is the result of a dominating game with both the old as young birds from the previous sport seasons. So much so that people in his own basketting club asked him to divide his pigeons and spread them over 2 or more clubs or unions? A question of not racing a club or union into the ground… and then knowing that he only raced with hardly 19 pigeons, often against 800 and 900 pigeons! When you also know that ‘old national champion’ Antoine De Graeve is still active in this same union, and is the boss together with Adelin… then you will no doubt understand that sometimes only the proverbial ‘crumbs’ are left over for the rest… when both grandmasters pass the cash register beating the big drum in the sprint races. It is difficult to race together with these gentlemen; almost impossible to race against, let alone beat them… as a sportive competitor you have to admit it… they are simply the ‘best’… over and out! 
Congratulations Adelin and carry on the good work!