40th Portuguese National and Pre Olympic Pigeons Exhibition: report

The 40th Portuguese National and Pre Olympic Pigeons Exhibition held from 10 to 13 January 2013, at the Pavilion of Expoeste in Caldas da Rainha. This pavilion has about 10,000 m2.

Caldas da Rainha is a city in western central Portugal. The city serves as the seat of the larger municipality of the same name and is the seat of the Comunidade Intermunicipal do Oeste. The city is best known for its hot springs and pottery.

The city was founded in the 15th century by Queen Leonor, who established a hospital at the site of some therapeutic hot springs.

The Hospital Termal Rainha D. Leonor is one of the oldest institutions of its kind in the world, with five centuries of history. The city's name means "Queen's Hot Springs" or "Queen's Spa".

Caldas da Rainha is home to many arts-related institutions. There are numerous museums in the city, mostly related to ceramics and sculpture. The city is home to a major arts and design school, as well as a school of ceramics.

The national show is an initiative promoted by the Portuguese Federation of Pigeons (FPC), which seeks to reconcile the slope sports and commercial aspects of this modality.This is an initiative that aims to show the best of what is done in Pigeons Portuguese, and this event will serve to establish the National Team that we will represent the 33th Olympiad Columbófila, to be held in Nitra, Slovakia, 23-27 January 2013.

The exhibition, told with 402 homers cleared the 15 District Associations of the country Pigeons The National Team was composed of carrier pigeons to two different classes: Standard and Sport. In Class Sport were selected the top three in each of the eight categories in dispute (Speed, Medium bottom Fund, Absolute, Marathon, Babes, yearlings and adults) and were classified in Standard Class the first five male and female calculated Olympic in the category. Passed by the National Exhibition about 4000 visitors.

The pigeon is one of the sports with the highest accolades and sports that have won more medals in major international competitions, including the Olympic competitions, where Portugal won, several times champion at individual and country.


Another big joke, from 20.000 fanciers, down to 5.000, cortesy of José Tereso & CO. The bigest desgrace in the pigeon sport in the whole world.

Portuguese pigeons proved once again that they can beat belgian, dutch, or german pigeon... In olympics 2013 results showed once again the the superior quality of portuguese pigeons winning the 10th Olympic Pigeon Short Distance (Sol Nascente) and 19th Olympic Pigeon Short Distance ​​(Rufino & Rufino), in the Long Distance category, 6th Olympic Pigeon (Bruno Helena) and 9th Olympic Pigeon (Sol Nascente), in the general category, was the cherry on the top of the cake by winning the 3rd Olympic Pigeon (Pombal Azul) only beaten by 2 polish birds (probably from the lines of Superman) and 14th Olympic Pigeon (Gaspar Henrique). To finish, a message to all Portuguese fanciers: our pigeons are in the highest level of the world of pigeon racing.


Congratulations everybody for de sucessful 40 th portuguese national pre olimpic pigeons exhibition.
Portugal is a pigeon nation Dr. Jose Tereso is a good president from de portuguese federation.
Everybody knows WE ARE IN DIFICULT TIMES,but stil the portuguese face the problems head on and are capable of the organization of sutch a big event .
Portugal as the most one loft races in europa 5 good organizated FCI races ,DERBY DE MIRA ,DERBY DE CARTAXO ,DERBY LUZENSE ,DERBY DE RIACHOS EN DERBY DE FARO ,NON FCI ONE LOFT RACE ALGARVE GOLDEN RACE ,DERBY DE GONDOMAR THAT STOPS THIS YEAR THIS RACE WAS WON BY MYSELF IN 2011 AND 2012 FROM MY FRIEND JOSEPH VANDAMME.So we portugueses can be proud we have indead a pigeon nation full of folowers and traitors as you can read on top,but we wil keep loving pigeon sport .
sergio ferreira

I liked the second comment.It's says the most important.
having so many one loft races, it's not a good policy for Portuguese pigeon sport. How many OLR's exists in Belgium or Germany or Netherlands? Did you notice how many youngsters were gone in the last year in all the Derbys?...a few thousands! Sad

Best Regards,

Hallo Skyleader
I dont know who you are i prefere always to give my face and my name to my coments .
Good or wrong my coment OLR'S is becoming the pigeons sport of the future ,thats wath fanciers wanth .
If you talk about yongsters lost in de derbys we start with the yongsters lost in the baskets here in holland in the first jongsters flight 60%from the yongsters where gone nobody knows where they are just gone .Some fanciers on my clube they stop ate the first flight .Sure that there are lost jongsters on the derbys but there are jongsters that they fly with sucess is selection on the making .i always rase something like 60 youngsters in the end of the season i have 20 left .here in the netherlands is not alowed to make one loft races thats why we dont have any ,in germany my friend there are so many one loft races as in portugal.maybe you can explain me why its a bad policy so many FCI one loft races it onky bring fanciers together we have know a world championship and the german's make the most of it and they are together with the netherlands and belgium the european contries that they send pigeon's to all derbys al over the world .my question to you is are FCI one loft races good or bad for pigeon sport ?
sergio ferreira