Narbonne (int.) 2020

  • Organiser
    Indép. Liège
  • Categories: Old birds, Yearlings
  • Basketting date: 10/08/2020
  • Liberation date: 14/08/2020

Weather maps

Weather expectations: (slightly) overcast, east wind, southwest wind

Number of pigeons

A total of 21.394 pigeons were basketted for the International Narbonne race. Last year 18.094 pigeons were basketted.

Expected liberation: Saturday 15th of August

In agreement with all the parties involved (both nationally and internationally), the committee of L’Independante de Liege has decided to release the pigeons for the international race from Narbonne on Saturday 15th of August, as early as possible.
The committee will do everything they can to transfer your pigeons to Narbonne in the best possible conditions.

The L’Independante Liege committee