La Châtre 2011

  • Organiser
  • Categories: Old birds, Yearlings
  • Basketting date: 16/06/2011
  • Liberation date: 18/06/2011

Official national result and zonal results online

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Preliminary result online

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National winner yearlings: Janssens Johny (Hechtel-Eksel)

The national winner La Châtre of the yearlings is Janssens Johny. His pigeon is the fastest in the entire race. He also achieved a great performance in the category 'old birds'. He comes from the same city as Timmers Daniel, the national winner La Châtre of the old birds: Hechtel-Eksel. In 2005, Johny became National Champion Youngsters.

National winner old birds: Timmers Daniel (Hechtel-Eksel)

The national winner La Châtre of the old birds is Timmers Daniel. Just like the national winner of the yearlings, he comes from Hechtel-Eksel.

Record of BE06-5001089:
1° Nat. La Chatre +- 15,000 birds
82° Nat. Bourges against 7,176 birds
53° Prov. Gien against 4,295 birds
7° Prov. Argenton against 736 birds
27° Prov. Bourges against 3,165 birds
98° Prov. Chateauroux against 2,424 birds
7° Prov. Argenton against +- 1,000 birds

Released at 7:10 a.m.

Cloudy but nice, very good visibility, strong southwest wind

Weather maps

Rain and southwest wind in the morning. Local thunderstorms and southwest wind in the afternoon.


Number of pigeons

About 38,000 basketted pigeons, more details will follow

Algemene info

18 juni 2011 - La Chatre