This race calendar shows all international and Belgian national races.
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BaskettingLiberationRaceOrganizerCategoryRaceLive ResultsResults
16/0518/05Vierzon 2019Derby Hainaut[O] [YL] RaceLive ResultsResults
23/0525/05Bourges I 2019BU-UB[O] [YL] Race
29/0501/06Limoges I 2019BV-EB[O] Race
05/0608/06Valence 2019CFW[O] Race
06/0608/06Châteauroux I 2019KBDB[O] [YL] Race
12/0615/06Cahors 2019CC[O] Race
17/0621/06Pau (int.) 2019Colombe Joyeuse[O] Race
19/0622/06Montauban 2019BV-EB[O] Race
20/0622/06Argenton 2019KBDB[O] [YL] Race
24/0628/06Agen (int.) 2019Télévie[O] [YL] Race
26/0629/06Montélimar 2019CFW[O] Race
30/0605/07Barcelona (int.) 2019CC[O] Race
03/0706/07Limoges II 2019BV-EB[O] [YL] Race
04/0706/07Montluçon 2019OVV[O] [YL] Race
08/0712/07St.-Vincent (int.) 2019BV-EB[O] Race
10/0713/07Aurillac 2019CC[O] [YL] Race
15/0719/07Marseille (int.) 2019CFW[O] Race
17/0720/07Libourne 2019BU-UB[O] [YL] Race
18/0720/07Issoudun 2019KBDB[O] [YL] Race
22/0726/07Narbonne (int.) 2019Indép. Liège[O] [YL] Race
25/0727/07Souillac 2019Derby Hainaut[O] [YL] Race
29/0702/08Perpignan (int.) 2019BV-EB[O] Race
31/0703/08Tulle 2019Télévie[O] [YL] Race
01/0803/08Bourges II 2019BV-EB[O] [YL] [Y] Race
08/0810/08Châteauroux II 2019KBDB[O] [YL] [Y] Race
22/0824/08Argenton 2019OVV[O] [Y] Race
05/0907/09Châteauroux III 2019KBDB[O] [Y] Race