Châteauroux I 2017

National winner Belgium yearlings: Bellaert Paul & Nancy (Oedelem)
The National winner Belgium from Châteauroux I in the category "yearlings" is Bellaert Paul & Nancy (Oedelem).
The pigeon was clocked on Saturday at 12:03:08 CEST after a race of 499.265 km, achieving an average velocity of 1569.36 m/min.

National winner Belgium old birds: Deroose Dirk (Kruishoutem)
The National winner Belgium from Châteauroux I in the category "old birds" is Deroose Dirk (Kruishoutem).
The pigeon was clocked on Saturday at 11:54:00 CEST after a race of 477.26 km, achieving an average velocity of 1544.53 m/min.

First pigeon has arrived
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Released at 06:45 CEST
Weather conditions during liberation: blue sky and sunny spells, no wind, good visibility

If you wish to follow the race live, you can go to the tab "Live Results" where you will see a list of all early arrivals added on PIPA. Under "Live Results", you can click on "Radar" if you wish to see the location of the arrivals..
Weather maps
Weather expectations: blue sky, light wind, sunny, warm, south wind, south-southwest wind

Number of birds

47,286 pigeons have been basketed for this weekend's national race from Châteauroux, 20,515 old birds and 26,771 yearlings.

Check out the numbers in each club and province here.


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