Argenton I 2017

National winner Belgium yearlings: De Bisschop Gustaaf (Asse)
The National winner Belgium from Argenton I in the category "yearlings" is De Bisschop Gustaaf (Asse).
The pigeon was clocked on Saturday at 12:50:06 CEST after a race of 519.705 km, achieving an average velocity of 1623.57 m/min.

National winner Belgium old birds: Van Horenbeeck Leo (Wijgmaal)
The National winner Belgium from Argenton I in the category "old birds" is Van Horenbeeck Leo (Wijgmaal).
The pigeon was clocked on Saturday at 13:02:30 CEST after a race of 535.573 km, achieving an average velocity of 1610.75 m/min.

First pigeon has arrived
The first arrival has just been added on PIPA.
Click on "Radar" to check out the location. An overview of all arrivals can be found under "Live Results".
Released at 07:30 CEST
Weather conditions during liberation: intermittent clouds, west wind, good visibility

If you wish to follow the race live, you can go to the tab "Live Results" where you will see a list of all early arrivals added on PIPA. Under "Live Results", you can click on "Radar" if you wish to see the location of the arrivals..
Weather maps
Weather expectations: cloudy, fairly strong wind, moderate wind, sunny intervals, west-southwest wind

Number of pigeons - update

36,004 birds have been basketed for this weekend's national race from Argenton, which is more than last year's 31,939 pigeons.


Waarschijnlijk willen de liefhebbers deze vluchten , tussen 450 KM en 650 KM , we zien het aan de deelnemers . Theo


Wat een raket-vlucht !!!!!!!!!
Proficiat aan de winnaars.

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