Agen (NL & DE) 2015

Official result: Germany National, Old birds
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National winner The Netherlands old birds: Verweij-de Haan Comb. (Mijdrecht)
The National winner The Netherlands from Agen in the category "old birds" is Verweij-de Haan Comb. (Mijdrecht).
The pigeon was clocked on Friday at 18:07:13 CEST after a race of 947.337 km, achieving an average velocity of 1358.74 m/min.

National winner The Netherlands yearlings: Van Belzen Lieven (Arnemuiden)
The National winner The Netherlands from Agen in the category "yearlings" is Van Belzen Lieven (Arnemuiden).
The pigeon was clocked on Friday at 17:03:01 CEST after a race of 844.467 km, achieving an average velocity of 1334.04 m/min.

National winner Germany old birds: Freialdenhofen & Sons (Aldenhoven)
The National winner Germany from Agen in the category "old birds" is Freialdenhofen & Sons (Aldenhoven).
The pigeon was clocked on Friday at 17:35:59 CEST after a race of 859.722 km, achieving an average velocity of 1290.91 m/min.

They also win the 2nd National with a grandson of Forrest Junior, 1st International Pau 2012.

Pedigree of the 2nd National Agen Germany old birds 2015

First pigeon has arrived
The first arrival has just been added on PIPA.
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Released at 06:30 CEST
Weather conditions during liberation: blue sky, southeast wind, clear

If you wish to follow the race live, you can go to the tab "Live Results" where you will see a list of all early arrivals added on PIPA. Under "Live Results", you can click on "Radar" if you wish to see the location of the arrivals..
Weather maps
Weather expectations: blue sky, light wind, nice, sunny, warm, southeast wind

Pay attention when reporting your early arrivals for Agen 2015!

We would like to stress once more that for extreme long distance race from Agen, Dutch and German fanciers will have to report their early arrivals on race page that differs from that where UK, Belgian and French fanciers should report their pigeons.

This means that there are two different race pages for Agen:

Please double check whether you have reported your arrival on the correct race page!

Number of pigeons

Holland: 11.688 pigeons

Germany: 1.181 pigeons

Total: 12.869 pigeons

The Netherlands and Germany organise a separate liberation from Agen this year

Dispute about minimum distance

The organiser of the international race from Agen, Bordeaux Télévie, decided this year to shorten the minimum distance for Agen. The ZLU, which collects the Dutch pigeons for the international races, believes the race is now starting to have the appeal a long distance race and hence decided to have a separate release. Germany eventually joined them. As a result, the international race from Agen will be split into two:

  • The original international race only for French, Belgian and British pigeons
  • A race with a different liberation for Dutch and German pigeons

Holland and Germany report early arrivals on PIPA on a page different from that of UK, Belgium and France

The separate liberation has consequences for the live results on PIPA as well. Due to the split release and different liberation times it is not possible to report all early arrivals on the same race page. PIPA does not want to leave any fancier behind, and so we provide two race pages for Agen:

Unfortunately for the Dutch fanciers, the split liberation also prevents us from using the automatic arrivals provided by This means they will have to submit their results manually in order to be published on PIPA. Belgian fanciers on the other hand can continue using Bricon or OMAR.

We recommend you to double check that your results are submitted on the correct race page.


exellete solution

Gelost om 06:30 u !!! Allen een mooie vlucht gewenst Wink

Herzlichen Glückwunsch !!!!! Super Leistung !!!!
Beste Grüsse

cogratulation Freialdenhofen & Sons