Provincial results 2010: Limburg

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04/09/2010Gueret (Old birds, Youngsters)Result
21/08/2010La Souterraine (Old birds, Youngsters)Result
07/08/2010Argenton (Old birds, Yearlings, Youngsters)Result
31/07/2010Perpignan (Old birds)Result
31/07/2010Tulle (Old birds, Yearlings)Result
24/07/2010Bourges (Old birds, Yearlings, Youngsters)Result
24/07/2010Libourne (Yearlings)Result
24/07/2010Narbonne (Old birds)Result
18/07/2010Marseille (Old birds)Result
18/07/2010Souillac (Old birds)Result
17/07/2010Vierzon (Old birds, Yearlings, Youngsters)Result
11/07/2010Jarnac (Old birds, Yearlings)Result
11/07/2010Limoges (Yearlings)Result
11/07/2010Orleans (Old birds, Yearlings, Youngsters, Double result 2 yrs)Result
11/07/2010Tarbes (Old birds)Result
04/07/2010Limoges (Double result 2 yrs)Result
04/07/2010Moulins (Old birds, Yearlings)Result
26/06/2010Argenton (Old birds, Yearlings)Clerinx Emile
26/06/2010Bordeaux Télévie (Old birds, Yearlings)Result
26/06/2010Orange (Old birds)Result
20/06/2010Montauban (Old birds)Result
20/06/2010Montlucon (Old birds, Yearlings)Result
20/06/2010Pau (Old birds)Result
13/06/2010Cahors (Old birds)Result
13/06/2010Chateauroux (Old birds, Yearlings)Result
13/06/2010Gien (Old birds, Yearlings)Result
05/06/2010Chateauroux (Old birds, Yearlings)Result
05/06/2010Gien (Old birds, Yearlings)Result
05/06/2010Montélimar (Old birds)Result Jos Thoné - Niel bij As (BE) Schitterend winnaar 1° Prov Montélimar
29/05/2010Brive (Old birds)Verreckt-Ariën
29/05/2010Brive oudeResult
29/05/2010Chateauroux (Yearlings)Verreckt-Ariën
22/05/2010Bourges (Old birds, Yearlings)Result
15/05/2010Gien (Old birds, Yearlings)Result
08/05/2010Gien (Old birds, Yearlings)Result