Provincial results 2019: PE Oost-Vlaanderen

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07/09/2019Châteauroux III (Old birds)De Maesschalck Luc
07/09/2019Châteauroux III (Youngsters)Team Noël-Willockx
31/08/2019Orléans (Youngsters)Vandenheede Freddy en Jacques
31/08/2019Orléans (Old birds)Gevaert-Lannoo
24/08/2019Argenton II (Old birds)Gevaert-Lannoo
24/08/2019Argenton II (Youngsters)Van Sterthem Jelle
19/08/2019Blois (Old birds)Deneys Dimitri
19/08/2019Blois (Youngsters)Van Gaver Tom & Marnik
10/08/2019Châteauroux II (Old birds)Vlaeminck Hugo
10/08/2019Châteauroux II (Yearlings)Van Herreweghe-Mannes
10/08/2019Châteauroux II (Youngsters)Steveninck Benny
03/08/2019Bourges II (Old birds)Vandenheede Freddy en Jacques
03/08/2019Bourges II (Yearlings)Raes Chris
03/08/2019Bourges II (Youngsters)Cosijn Robrecht
03/08/2019Tulle (Old birds)Schoors-De Waele
03/08/2019Tulle (Yearlings)Vandenheede Freddy en Jacques
02/08/2019Perpignan (int.) (Old birds)Debaene John
29/07/2019Vierzon (Youngsters)De Clercq Geert & Seppe
29/07/2019Vierzon (Old birds)Helleputte Marc - Van Caneghem Guido
29/07/2019Vierzon (Yearlings)Helleputte Marc - Van Caneghem Guido
27/07/2019Souillac (Old birds)Seels-Ameel
27/07/2019Souillac (Yearlings)Meirlaen Etienne
26/07/2019Narbonne (int.) (Old birds)De Clercq Noel
26/07/2019Narbonne (int.) (Yearlings)Meirlaen Etienne
21/07/2019Issoudun (Old birds)Dierickx-Visschers Jules
21/07/2019Issoudun (Yearlings)Van Landeghem Gebr.
21/07/2019Orleans (Youngsters)Van Gaver Tom & Marnik
20/07/2019Libourne (Old birds)Deblanc Youri
20/07/2019Libourne (Yearlings)Dobbelaere Philippe
19/07/2019Marseille (int.) (Old birds)Van den Bulcke Guido
13/07/2019Argenton (Old birds)Dobbelaere Philippe
13/07/2019Argenton (Yearlings)Dobbelaere Philippe
13/07/2019Aurillac (Old birds)Team Noël-Willockx
13/07/2019Aurillac (Yearlings)Team Noël-Willockx
12/07/2019St.-Vincent (int.) (Old birds)Meirlaen Etienne
06/07/2019Limoges II (Old birds)Deblanc Youri
06/07/2019Limoges II (Yearlings)Bauters Jo
06/07/2019Montluçon (Old birds)Vandenheede Freddy en Jacques
06/07/2019Montluçon (Yearlings)Van der Maas Huib
05/07/2019Barcelona (int.) (Old birds)Van Herzeele Daniel
29/06/2019Chateauroux (Old birds)Vandenheede Freddy en Jacques
29/06/2019Chateauroux (Yearlings)Vandenheede Freddy en Jacques
29/06/2019Montélimar (Old birds)De Schrijver Norbert
28/06/2019Agen (int.) (Old birds)Debaene John
28/06/2019Agen (int.) (Yearlings)Van Looy-Van Nieuwenhuyse
22/06/2019Argenton (Old birds)Steveninck Benny
22/06/2019Argenton (Yearlings)D'hondt Michel & Filip
22/06/2019Montauban (Old birds)De Witte Marnique
21/06/2019Pau (int.) (Old birds)Dhooge Martin
15/06/2019Argenton (Old birds)Vandenheede Freddy en Jacques
15/06/2019Argenton (Yearlings)Vandenheede Freddy en Jacques
15/06/2019Cahors (Old birds)Vandenheede Freddy en Jacques
08/06/2019Châteauroux I (Old birds)Kerre Rudy
08/06/2019Châteauroux I (Yearlings)Van der Maelen Sonia
08/06/2019Valence (Old birds)Fonteyn Freddy & Franky
01/06/2019Issoudun (Old birds)Vergotte Astere
01/06/2019Issoudun (Yearlings)Vergotte Astere
01/06/2019Limoges I (Old birds)De Pauw Julien & Peter
25/05/2019Bourges I (Old birds)Bral Antoine
25/05/2019Bourges I (Yearlings)Van Gaver Tom & Marnik
18/05/2019Vierzon (Old birds)Vandenheede Freddy en Jacques
18/05/2019Vierzon (Yearlings)Vandenheede Freddy en Jacques
12/05/2019Orleans (Old birds)Vansteenbrugge Eric
12/05/2019Orleans (Yearlings)Vandenheede Freddy en Jacques