Provincial results 2019: Luik

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29/06/2019Andrezel (Yearlings)Chinet Freddy
29/06/2019Andrezel (Old birds)Chinet Freddy
29/06/2019Nevers (Old birds)Demet Eddy
29/06/2019Nevers (Yearlings)Demet Eddy
01/06/2019Andrezel (Old birds)Leroy Frères
01/06/2019Andrezel (Yearlings)Leroy Frères
01/06/2019La Ferte St. Aubin (Old birds)Kockelmans Vincent
01/06/2019La Ferte St. Aubin (Yearlings)Kockelmans Vincent
25/05/2019Bourges (Old birds)Kockelmans Vincent
25/05/2019Bourges (Yearlings)Vandersmissen Serge
25/05/2019Dijon (Old birds)Philippens Pierre
25/05/2019Dijon (Yearlings)Philippens Pierre
18/05/2019Fay Aux Loges (Old birds)Demet Eddy
18/05/2019Fay Aux Loges (Yearlings)Clabots P&F
12/05/2019Auxerre (Old birds)Nibus Julien
12/05/2019Auxerre (Yearlings)Nibus Julien