Provincial results 2018: PE West-Vlaanderen

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15/09/2018Châteauroux IV (Youngsters)De Laere Maurice & Luc
08/09/2018Châteauroux IV (Old birds)Ravelingien Martin
08/09/2018Pontoise (Youngsters)Van Den Bussche Kris
08/09/2018Pontoise (Old birds)Grymonprez Dominique
08/09/2018Tours (Youngsters)De Laere Maurice & Luc
01/09/2018Argenton III (Youngsters)Clicque Gino
01/09/2018Pontoise (Old birds)Delbaere-Sampers
01/09/2018Pontoise (Youngsters)Decru-Devriendt Dirk & Gilbert
26/08/2018Orléans (Youngsters)Casteleyn Peter
25/08/2018Argenton III (Old birds)Debacker Filip
25/08/2018Poitiers (Youngsters)Debacker Chris
25/08/2018Pontoise (Old birds)Parmentier Krist
25/08/2018Pontoise (Youngsters)Maes Anthony
18/08/2018Orléans (Youngsters)Van Temsche Raf
18/08/2018Pontoise (Old birds)Parmentier Krist
18/08/2018Pontoise (Youngsters)Libbrecht Nick
11/08/2018Châteauroux III (Old birds)Coussement Marc & Dirk
11/08/2018Châteauroux III (Yearlings)Safeh Khalid
11/08/2018Châteauroux III (Youngsters)Coopman Marnix
11/08/2018Pontoise (Youngsters)Gheysens Luc
11/08/2018Pontoise (Old birds)Maes Anthony
04/08/2018Angoulême (Old birds)Verschoot Joël
04/08/2018Angoulême (Yearlings)Ally Norbert
04/08/2018Bourges II (Old birds)Demely Liliane
04/08/2018Bourges II (Yearlings)Desimpel Geert
04/08/2018Bourges II (Youngsters)Maroy Geert
04/08/2018Chateaudun (Youngsters)Derycke Wannes & Lars
04/08/2018Pontoise (Old birds)Van Roose Roger
04/08/2018Pontoise (Youngsters)Ronse Ronny
03/08/2018Perpignan (int.) (Old birds)Boudry Frans
29/07/2018Compiegne (Youngsters)Jacques M. & Lannoo M.
29/07/2018Compiegne (Old birds)Lievens Luc
28/07/2018Chateaudun (Old birds)Dierick André & Jenny
28/07/2018Chateaudun (Yearlings)Dierick André & Jenny
28/07/2018Chateaudun (Youngsters)Verschoot Joël
28/07/2018Tulle (Old birds)Billau Benny
28/07/2018Tulle (Yearlings)Platteeuw Kurt & Raf
27/07/2018Narbonne (int.) (Old birds)Vergaerde-Denolf
27/07/2018Narbonne (int.) (Yearlings)Denys Emiel
21/07/2018Argenton II (Old birds)Messiaen-Vanhauwaert Lien-Marc
21/07/2018Argenton II (Yearlings)Declerck Filip
21/07/2018Blois (Old birds)Demely Liliane
21/07/2018Blois (Yearlings)Dierick André & Jenny
21/07/2018Blois (Youngsters)Verheye Rino
21/07/2018Libourne (Old birds)Verschoot Joël
21/07/2018Libourne (Yearlings)Clicque Gino
20/07/2018Marseille (int.) (Old birds)Fourneau Cyriel-Remi
15/07/2018Chateaudun (Yearlings)Ampe Marc
15/07/2018Chateaudun (Youngsters)Platteeuw Kurt & Raf
15/07/2018Chateaudun (Old birds)Maes Eddy
15/07/2018Jarnac (Old birds)Pollin Marc & Geert
15/07/2018Jarnac (Yearlings)Ally Norbert
13/07/2018St.-Vincent (int.) (Old birds)Pauwels Lucien
07/07/2018Chateaudun (Old birds)Roose-Pyra
07/07/2018Chateaudun (Yearlings)Dierick André & Jenny
07/07/2018Châteauroux II (Old birds)Velle Roger
07/07/2018Châteauroux II (Yearlings)Clicque Gino Gino Clicque (Wevelgem, BE) wins a 1st national Châteauroux II
07/07/2018Limoges II (Old birds)Demely Liliane
07/07/2018Limoges II (Yearlings)Baert-Simoens
06/07/2018Barcelona (int.) (Old birds)Denys Emiel
30/06/2018Guéret (Old birds)Injon-Vanrie Peter & Isabel
30/06/2018Guéret (Yearlings)Debacker Chris Chris Debacker (Beveren-Leie, BE) wins 1st National Gueret 8,493 yearlings
30/06/2018Montélimar (Old birds)Fourneau Cyriel-Remi
30/06/2018Montélimar (Yearlings)Bracke Frederik
30/06/2018Orléans (Old birds)Kempinck-Ingelbrecht
30/06/2018Orléans (Yearlings)Vandecasteele Daniel
29/06/2018Agen (int.) (Old birds)Denolf Marc
29/06/2018Agen (int.) (Yearlings)Delrue Ivan & Gunnar
23/06/2018Brive (Old birds)Mispelaere Jacques & Gino
23/06/2018Brive (Yearlings)De Ketele Marc
23/06/2018Argenton I (Old birds)Sierens Norbert
23/06/2018Argenton I (Yearlings)Demely Liliane
23/06/2018Orléans (Yearlings)Dierick André & Jenny
23/06/2018Orléans (Old birds)Dierick André & Jenny
22/06/2018Pau (int.) (Old birds)Delrue Ivan & Gunnar
16/06/2018Cahors (Old birds)Debusschere Lionel
16/06/2018Chateauroux (Old birds)Cools Rik Rik Cools (Ruiselede, BE): 1st and 2nd interprovincial Chateauroux of 2714 pigeons
16/06/2018Chateauroux (Yearlings)Declerck Filip
16/06/2018Orleans (Yearlings)Verkinderen Frank
16/06/2018Orleans (Old birds)Deschacht Daniel
09/06/2018Châteauroux I (Old birds)Sioen Luc & Hilde
09/06/2018Châteauroux I (Yearlings)Vervaeke Roger & Jurgen Roger & Jurgen Vervaeke (Deerlijk, BE) pakken 1e Nat. Châteauroux en voorlopig 1e Nat. Asduif
09/06/2018Valence (Old birds)Vanhaverbeke Peter
02/06/2018Blois (Yearlings)Ally Norbert Norbert Ally (Aarsele, BE) claims double provincial victory from Blois
02/06/2018Blois (Old birds)Ally Norbert Norbert Ally (Aarsele, BE) claims double provincial victory from Blois
02/06/2018Limoges I (Old birds)Debaene Hubert
26/05/2018Bourges I (Old birds)Platteeuw Kurt & Raf Kurt & Raf Platteeuw (Rumbeke, BE) show overwhelming strength in the early season
26/05/2018Bourges I (Yearlings)Clicque Gino
19/05/2018Chateauroux (Old birds)Clicque Gino Gino Clique (Wevelgem, BE) excels in Châteauroux with 2 x 1st and 2 x 2nd Interprovincial
19/05/2018Chateauroux (Yearlings)Clicque Gino Gino Clique (Wevelgem, BE) excels in Châteauroux with 2 x 1st and 2 x 2nd Interprovincial
13/05/2018Tours (Old birds)Deprez Luc
13/05/2018Tours (Yearlings)Deprez Luc