Provincial results 2018: Luik

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25/08/2018Vierzon (Old birds)Hensen-Mentior
25/08/2018Vierzon (Youngsters)Thielens-Romain JM
11/08/2018Bergerac (Old birds)Delbushaye Cedric
11/08/2018Bergerac (Yearlings)Delbushaye Cedric
09/06/2018Auxerre (Old birds)Rensonnet Victor
09/06/2018Auxerre (Yearlings)Hensen-Mentior
09/06/2018Châteauroux (Old birds)Gregoire-Julemont
09/06/2018Châteauroux (Yearlings)Caro Jean-Marc & Alain
09/06/2018Valence (Old birds)Dodeigne Jacqueline
02/06/2018Andrezel (Old birds)Andot Victor
02/06/2018Andrezel (Yearlings)Charlier Jean-Luc
02/06/2018Bourges (Old birds)Leroy Frères
02/06/2018Bourges (Yearlings)Kockelmans Vincent
02/06/2018Limoges (Old birds)Caro Jean-Marc & Alain National victory for Alain & Jean-Marc Caro (Lambermont, BE) from Limoges I against 15,783 old birds!
26/05/2018Bourges I (Old birds)Hogge Philippe
26/05/2018Bourges I (Yearlings)Leroy Frères
26/05/2018Moulins (Old birds)Feront-Collin
26/05/2018Moulins (Yearlings)Dodeigne Jacqueline
19/05/2018Auxerre (Old birds)Devos Sebastien
19/05/2018Auxerre (Yearlings)Dunon Theo
19/05/2018Mâcon (Old birds)Emo Didier & Benoît
12/05/2018Fay aux Loges (Old birds)Dunon Theo
12/05/2018Fay aux Loges (Yearlings)Philippens Pierre
05/05/2018Andrezel (Old birds)Chinet Freddy
05/05/2018Andrezel (Yearlings)Clabots P&F