Provincial results 2017: Interprovinciaal

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10/09/2017Châteauroux IV - CFW (Old birds)Vandepoel Yves
10/09/2017Châteauroux IV - CFW (Youngsters)Visschers & Zoon
02/09/2017Bourges (Old birds)Derwa-Luxem
02/09/2017Bourges (Youngsters)Taymans Christian
26/08/2017Argenton III - CFW (Old birds)Lambrechts - Lismont
26/08/2017Argenton III - CFW (Youngsters)Thibaut-Boons
19/08/2017Blois (Youngsters)Vranken Geert
19/08/2017Blois (Old birds)Maris Frans
19/08/2017Vierzon - CFW (Old birds)Verachtert Hanne
19/08/2017Vierzon - CFW (Youngsters)Leroy Frères
14/08/2017Bergerac - CFW (Yearlings)Kestens Hok Freddy
14/08/2017Bergerac - CFW (Old birds)Vandenberghe Alain & Luc
14/08/2017Châteauroux III - CFW (Old birds)Guery Salvatore
14/08/2017Châteauroux III - CFW (Youngsters)Baert-Debusschere
14/08/2017Châteauroux III - CFW (Yearlings)Saudoyez Kevin
06/08/2017Aurillac (Yearlings)Taymans Christian
06/08/2017Aurillac (Old birds)Taymans Christian
06/08/2017Bourges II - CFW (Yearlings)Vanoppen-Luyten
06/08/2017Bourges II - CFW (Old birds)Vanmeert Roger & Koen
06/08/2017Bourges II - CFW (Youngsters)Eyletten M&G
04/08/2017Perpignan - CFW (Old birds)Rans Jeroen & Stijn
29/07/2017Tulle (Yearlings)Menten Ronny
29/07/2017Tulle (Old birds)Lenaerts Patrick
28/07/2017Narbonne (Yearlings)Steenbergen Stefan
28/07/2017Narbonne (Old birds)Hunerbein Bernard
22/07/2017Argenton CFW (Old birds)Bosmans-Leekens
22/07/2017Argenton CFW (Yearlings)Hok Milis
22/07/2017Libourne CFW (Old birds)Eerens Eddy
22/07/2017Libourne CFW (Yearlings)Myashita H & T
21/07/2017Marseille CFW (Old birds)Charlier Etienne
15/07/2017Blois Tijdrit (Old birds, Yearlings)Casaert-Senechal
15/07/2017Blois Tijdrit Franco-Belge (Old birds, Yearlings)Roudy Franck - Rans Alex & Annie
15/07/2017Jarnac CFW (Old birds)Fedrigucci Averardo
15/07/2017Jarnac CFW (Yearlings)Tournelle Davy
15/07/2017Montluçon CFW (Old birds)Gaie Frères
15/07/2017Montluçon CFW (Yearlings)Saudoyez Kevin
15/07/2017St.-Vincent CFW (Old birds)Delhove Alain & Sigrid
08/07/2017Châteauroux II - CFW (Yearlings)Vandepoel Yves
08/07/2017Châteauroux II - CFW (Old birds)Tournelle Davy
08/07/2017Limoges II - CFW (Old birds)PEC Racing Team ADK
08/07/2017Limoges II - CFW (Yearlings)Delhove Alain & Sigrid
07/07/2017Barcelona CFW (Old birds)Limbourg Erik
07/07/2017Barcelona Euregio (Old birds)Cox M.
04/07/2017Agen - CFW (Yearlings)Verspreet Ph & L
04/07/2017Agen - CFW (Old birds)Everaerts Jean-Michel
04/07/2017Agen Euregio (Yearlings)Haldermans Theofiel
04/07/2017Agen Euregio (Old birds)Telen Kurt
03/07/2017Montélimar - CFW (Yearlings)Hunerbein Bernard
03/07/2017Montélimar - CFW (Old birds)Dermonne Alain
24/06/2017Argenton - CFW (Old birds)Buvens Roger
24/06/2017Argenton - CFW (Yearlings)Tournelle Davy Davy Tournelle (Rummen, BE) wins a 1st Interprovincial Bourges and shows to be one of the top players in the long distance
24/06/2017Cahors - CFW (Old birds)Delrue Patrick
24/06/2017Pau - CFW (Old birds)Rans Jeroen & Stijn
17/06/2017Brive - CFW (Old birds)Bucaciuc Daniel
17/06/2017Nevers - CFW (Old birds)Motte Armand
17/06/2017Nevers - CFW (Yearlings)Sibille T&T Thierry and Thomas Sibille (Courcelles, BE) win 1st Seminat. Nevers with a direct Roger Debusschere bird
10/06/2017Châteauroux I - CFW (Old birds)Casaert-Senechal
10/06/2017Châteauroux I - CFW (Yearlings)Cerfontaine Michel
10/06/2017Valence - CFW (Old birds)Porson Roger & Olivier
04/06/2017Bourges - AWC (Old birds)Lumay Didier
04/06/2017Bourges - AWC (Yearlings)Herbots Gebroeders
04/06/2017Limoges I - CFW (Old birds)Tournelle Davy Davy Tournelle (Rummen, BE) wins a 1st Interprovincial Bourges and shows to be one of the top players in the long distance
27/05/2017Bourges I - CFW (Old birds)Harchies Christian
27/05/2017Bourges I - CFW (Yearlings)Casaert Maurice (Fils) Maurice Casaert (Néchin, BE) remporte le 1er national Bourges Yl avec la plus grande vitesse du contingent général de 43.962 engagés
20/05/2017Chalon sur Saone - Centre & Est (Yearlings)Kestens Hok Freddy
20/05/2017Chalon sur Saone - Centre & Est (Old birds)Hendrikx Rudi
20/05/2017Chalon sur Saone - CFW (Yearlings)Kestens Hok Freddy
20/05/2017Chalon sur Saone - CFW (Old birds)Hoornaert Alain
20/05/2017Vierzon - Derby Hainaut (Yearlings)Daniels Willy Willy Daniëls (Kessel, BE) dominates Vierzon with 4 top 50 places including a 1st Interprovincial
20/05/2017Vierzon - Derby Hainaut (Old birds)Van der Auwera Guy & Zonen Guy Van der Auwera & Sons (Wuustwezel, BE) now win 1st Provincial Bourges after having won 1st and 2nd Interprovincial Vierzon