Provincial results 2017: PE West-Vlaanderen

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09/09/2017Châteauroux IV (Old birds)Vanwildemeersch-Vyncke
09/09/2017Châteauroux IV (Youngsters)Vandendriessche Roland
26/08/2017Argenton III (Old birds)Familie Schreel
26/08/2017Argenton III (Youngsters)De Waele-Toye
26/08/2017Blois (Youngsters)De Laere Maurice & Luc
19/08/2017Orléans (Youngsters)De Laere Maurice & Luc
19/08/2017Saumur - WVOU (Old birds)Vandepoele E & V
19/08/2017Saumur - WVOU (Youngsters)Meurysse John
13/08/2017Chateaudun (Youngsters)Debacker Chris
12/08/2017Châteauroux III (Old birds)Dekeyser Willy-Jo-Hans
12/08/2017Châteauroux III (Yearlings)Demely Liliane
12/08/2017Châteauroux III (Youngsters)Vermeulen-Dujardin
05/08/2017Bourges II (Old birds)De Laere Maurice & Luc
05/08/2017Bourges II (Yearlings)Vandemeulebroecke Franky
05/08/2017Bourges II (Youngsters)Hellebuyck Jacques
04/08/2017Perpignan (int.) (Old birds)Pollin Marc & Geert
29/07/2017Tours (Yearlings)Demely Liliane
29/07/2017Tours (Old birds)Demely Liliane
29/07/2017Tours (Youngsters)Ally Norbert
29/07/2017Tulle (Old birds)Injon-Vanrie Peter & Isabel
29/07/2017Tulle (Yearlings)Debacker Chris
28/07/2017Narbonne (int.) (Old birds)De Wilde Freddy
28/07/2017Narbonne (int.) (Yearlings)D'Hondt Germain
22/07/2017Argenton II (Old birds)Maes Anthony
22/07/2017Argenton II (Yearlings)Vandenabeele Gaby
22/07/2017Blois (Old birds)Lamote-Vansteenkiste
22/07/2017Blois (Yearlings)Lamote-Vansteenkiste
22/07/2017Blois (Youngsters)Wijffels Peter
22/07/2017Libourne (Old birds)Lietaer André (zoon)
22/07/2017Libourne (Yearlings)Vanlauwe Anny
21/07/2017Marseille (int.) (Old birds)Landuyt Jacques
15/07/2017Jarnac (Old birds)Delrue Ivan & Gunnar
15/07/2017Jarnac (Yearlings)Pollin Marc & Geert
15/07/2017St.-Vincent (int.) (Old birds)Deprez Olivier
15/07/2017Tours (Old birds)Tuytens Karel
15/07/2017Tours (Yearlings)Tuytens Karel
15/07/2017Tours (Youngsters)Ally Norbert
08/07/2017Châteauroux II (Old birds)Maes Anthony
08/07/2017Châteauroux II (Yearlings)De Laere Maurice & Luc
08/07/2017Limoges II (Old birds)Verschoot Joël
08/07/2017Limoges II (Yearlings)Clicque Gino
08/07/2017Orléans (Old birds)Debacker Chris
08/07/2017Orléans (Yearlings)De Laere Maurice & Luc
08/07/2017Orléans (Youngsters)Vermeersch Carl Hok
07/07/2017Barcelona (int.) (Old birds)Deprez Eric
03/07/2017Chateaudun (Old birds)Debacker Filip
03/07/2017Chateaudun (Yearlings)Van der Haeghen Leon
03/07/2017Chateaudun (Youngsters)Maroy Geert
03/07/2017Saumur (Old birds)Roose-Pyra
03/07/2017Saumur (Yearlings)Dekeyzer Frans-Tony
30/06/2017Agen (int.) (Old birds)BDS/Blancke
30/06/2017Agen (int.) (Yearlings)Bourdeaud'hui-Bracke
24/06/2017Argenton I (Old birds)Roose-Pyra
24/06/2017Argenton I (Yearlings)Sioen Luc & Hilde
24/06/2017Cahors (Old birds)Verschoot Joël Joël Verschoot (Ingelmunster, BE) wins 1st Provincial Cahors
24/06/2017Chateaudun (Yearlings)Rommel-Deconinck
24/06/2017Chateaudun (Old birds)Rommel-Deconinck
24/06/2017Fontenay - WVOU (Youngsters)Debacker Chris
24/06/2017Pau (int.) (Old birds)Mortier Hendrik
17/06/2017Brive (Old birds)Vincke-Dobbelaere
17/06/2017Chateaudun (Old birds)Vermeulen-Dujardin
17/06/2017Chateaudun (Yearlings)Vermeulen-Dujardin
17/06/2017Châteauroux - WVOU (Yearlings)Verheye Rino
17/06/2017Châteauroux - WVOU (Old birds)Verheye Rino
10/06/2017Châteauroux I (Old birds)Mispelaere Jacques & Gino
10/06/2017Valence (Old birds)Cislaru Marius
10/06/2017Châteauroux I (Yearlings)Bellaert Paul & Nancy Paul en Nancy Bellaert (Oedelem, BE) winnen 1e Nat. Châteauroux Jaarlingen
10/06/2017Orleans WVV (Old birds)Gryson Maurice
10/06/2017Orleans WVV (Yearlings)De Meersman Carlos
04/06/2017Limoges I (Old birds)Sarrazin Karel
27/05/2017Bourges I (Yearlings)Reynaert Antoon & Hilde
27/05/2017Bourges I (Old birds)Heindryckx Wilfried - Loose
20/05/2017Tours (Old birds)Maes Anthony Anthony Maes (Waregem, BE) takes double win from Tours with Cartouche
20/05/2017Tours (Yearlings)Maes Anthony Anthony Maes (Waregem, BE) takes double win from Tours with Cartouche
13/05/2017Tours (Yearlings)Cools Rik Rik Cools (Ruiselede, BE) wins 1st Provincial Tours yearlings in West Flanders
13/05/2017Tours (Old birds)Verheye Rino Rino Verheye (Aalbeke) wint 1. Prov Tours 2.389 oude
22/04/2017Clermont WVOU (Yearlings)Ally Norbert Norbert Ally (Aarsele, BE) wins Clermont WVOU yearlings
22/04/2017Clermont WVOU (Old birds)Clicque Gino Gino Clicque (Wevelgem, BE) wins Clermont olds WVOU with a son of Golden Prince