Provincial results 2015: Interprovinciaal

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06/09/2015Châteauroux IV CFW (Youngsters)Murez-Marichal
06/09/2015Châteauroux IV CFW (Old birds)Bourlard René & Etienne
29/08/2015Issoudun CFW (Old birds)Roch Robert
29/08/2015Issoudun CFW (Youngsters)Casaert Maurice & Grégory
22/08/2015La Souterraine II CFW (Youngsters)Casaert-Senechal
22/08/2015La Souterraine II CFW (Old birds)Casaert-Senechal
16/08/2015Argenton II - CFW (Youngsters)Poussart Olivier
16/08/2015Argenton II - CFW (Old birds)Tournelle Davy
16/08/2015Argenton II - CFW (Yearlings)Defrene Thierry & Guy
08/08/2015Châteauroux III CFW (Old birds)Tournelle Davy
08/08/2015Châteauroux III CFW (Yearlings)Surinx-Pletsers
08/08/2015Châteauroux III CFW (Youngsters)Hannecart J. Pierre
02/08/2015Libourne - CFW (Old birds)Vandemeulebroecke Carlos & Xavier
02/08/2015Libourne - CFW (Yearlings)Casaert Maurice (Fils)
01/08/2015Bourges II - CFW (Old birds)Loockx Guido
01/08/2015Bourges II - CFW (Yearlings)Van Rompaey Karlo
01/08/2015Bourges II - CFW (Youngsters)Brugmans Sabrina
31/07/2015Perpignan - CFW (Old birds)Delbar Maurice
25/07/2015Narbonne - CFW (Yearlings)Henry Leon
25/07/2015Narbonne - CFW (Old birds)Schmitz Joseph
25/07/2015Tulle - CFW (Yearlings)Schoonbroodt Joseph
25/07/2015Tulle - CFW (Old birds)Schmitz Joseph
18/07/2015Jarnac - CFW (Old birds)Dubois Patrick
18/07/2015Jarnac - CFW (Yearlings)Dermience Philippe
18/07/2015Montluçon - Centre & Est (Old birds)Loppe Pierre
18/07/2015Montluçon - Centre & Est (Yearlings)Loppe Pierre
18/07/2015Montluçon - CFW (Old birds)Loppe Pierre
18/07/2015Montluçon - CFW (Yearlings)Loppe Pierre
17/07/2015Marseille - CFW (Old birds)Sauce Denis
11/07/2015Brive - CFW (Old birds)Vantorre Remy
11/07/2015Brive - CFW (Yearlings)Rose Stéphane
11/07/2015Châteauroux II - CFW (Yearlings)Al-Thani Mohamet
11/07/2015Châteauroux II - CFW (Old birds)Deman-Lefour
10/07/2015St.-Vincent (Old birds)Ciocan Constantin
06/07/2015La Souterraine I - CFW (Old birds)Murez-Marichal
06/07/2015La Souterraine I - CFW (Yearlings)Casaert-Senechal
06/07/2015Montauban - CFW (Old birds)Famille 3D
06/07/2015Montauban - CFW (Yearlings)Verbist F & K
03/07/2015Barcelona - CFW (Old birds)Delstanche Jean
28/06/2015Argenton I - CFW (Old birds)Derwa-Luxem
28/06/2015Argenton I - CFW (Yearlings)Harchies Christian
27/06/2015Montélimar - CFW (Old birds)Hellinx Lambert
27/06/2015Montélimar - CFW (Yearlings)Barbaix Detraux Marc
26/06/2015Agen CFW (Old birds)Dubois Patrick
26/06/2015Agen CFW (Yearlings)Schuermans Ferdy
20/06/2015Limoges II - CFW (Old birds)Famille 3D
20/06/2015Limoges II - CFW (Yearlings)Famille 3D
20/06/2015Montluçon - CFW (Old birds)Vanwinkel Jef
20/06/2015Montluçon - CFW (Yearlings)PEC Racing Team ADK
19/06/2015Pau - CFW (Old birds)Forges Jean-Louis
13/06/2015Cahors - CFW (Old birds)Smets Hok
13/06/2015Chalon-sur-Saône - CFW (Old birds)Thonon Alain
13/06/2015Chalon-sur-Saône - CFW (Yearlings)Vouche Alain
13/06/2015Guéret I - CFW (Old birds)Bosmans-Leekens
13/06/2015Guéret I - CFW (Yearlings)Eyletten M&G
06/06/2015Châteauroux I - CFW (Old birds)PEC Racing Team ADK
06/06/2015Châteauroux I - CFW (Yearlings)PEC Racing Team ADK
06/06/2015Valence CFW (Old birds)Adam Gerard
30/05/2015Bourges I - CFW (Old birds)Van Rompaey Karlo Karlo Van Rompaey (St. Truiden, BE) wins 1st Nat. Bourges 18,864 old birds
30/05/2015Bourges I - CFW (Yearlings)Steenbergen Stefan Stefan Steenbergen (Herk-de-Stad, BE) dominated the yearlings' race from Bourges I
30/05/2015Limoges I - CFW (Old birds)Hazaert Kamiel
23/05/2015Châlon sur Saône (Old birds)Feijaerts Danny
23/05/2015Châlon sur Saône (Yearlings)Visschers & Zoon
23/05/2015Châlon sur Saône - CFW (Old birds)Martalo Luigi
23/05/2015Châlon sur Saône - CFW (Yearlings)De Roeck Luc
16/05/2015Vierzon (Yearlings)Jespers-Vanderwegen
16/05/2015Vierzon (Old birds)Kitano Masao
16/05/2015Vierzon - CFW (Yearlings)Rubbens Patrick
16/05/2015Vierzon - CFW (Old birds)Sterckx Rene