Provincial results 2015: PE Limburg

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06/09/2015Chateauroux IV (Old birds)Stockmans Ivan
06/09/2015Chateauroux IV (Youngsters)Steenbergen Stefan
29/08/2015Issoudun (Old birds)Creten Marcel
29/08/2015Issoudun (Youngsters)Serre Rudi
22/08/2015La Souterraine II (Old birds)Buvens Roger
22/08/2015La Souterraine II (Youngsters)Ryks Kristine
16/08/2015Argenton II (Youngsters)Herbots Kobe & Kato
16/08/2015Argenton II (Old birds)Verboven Gebr.
16/08/2015Argenton II (Yearlings)Vanwinge-Reniers
08/08/2015Châteauroux III (Old birds)Boyen Johan & Martine
08/08/2015Châteauroux III (Yearlings)Surinx-Pletsers
08/08/2015Châteauroux III (Youngsters)Geraerts Erwin
02/08/2015Libourne (Old birds)Thoné Xavier & Maxim
02/08/2015Libourne (Yearlings)Donders-Boonen
01/08/2015Bourges II (Old birds)Jonkmans Jean
01/08/2015Bourges II (Yearlings)Van Rompaey Karlo
01/08/2015Bourges II (Youngsters)Brugmans Sabrina
31/07/2015Perpignan (Old birds)Vuerstaeck Gebroeders
26/07/2015Sourdun (Yearlings)Everaerts Etienne
26/07/2015Sourdun (Youngsters)Alaerts Jonah & Noah
26/07/2015Sourdun (Old birds)Geukens René
25/07/2015Narbonne (Old birds)Haex Staf
25/07/2015Narbonne (Yearlings)Kempeneers Jos & Wim
25/07/2015Tulle (Old birds)Loockx Guido
25/07/2015Tulle (Yearlings)Spooren Theo
18/07/2015Gien Autovlucht (Youngsters)Geris Guido
18/07/2015Gien Autovlucht (Old birds)Vrancken Sandra & Willy
18/07/2015Gien Autovlucht Derby (Youngsters)Geraerts Erwin
18/07/2015Gien Autovluchtt (Yearlings)Panis Ludo & Zoon
18/07/2015Jarnac (Old birds)Houben Jean
18/07/2015Jarnac (Yearlings, Youngsters)Geurts Gerry
17/07/2015Marseille (Old birds)Jorissen Cyriel
11/07/2015Brive (Old birds)Visschers & Zoon
11/07/2015Brive (Yearlings)Weytjens Theo
11/07/2015Châteauroux II (Yearlings)Reynders-Tack
11/07/2015Châteauroux II (Old birds)Vancleuvenbergen Gerard Gerard Vancleuvenbergen (St.Truiden, BE) wint 1e Nat Chateauroux bij de 10.933 oude
10/07/2015St.-Vincent (Old birds)Herbots Luc
06/07/2015La Souterraine I (Old birds)Cleeren Jules
06/07/2015La Souterraine I (Yearlings)Das Jos
06/07/2015Montauban (Old birds)Kempeneers Jos & Wim
06/07/2015Montauban (Yearlings)Martens Tony
03/07/2015Barcelona (Old birds)Herbots Luc
28/06/2015Argenton I (Old birds)Vanoppen-Luyten
28/06/2015Argenton I (Yearlings)Loockx Guido
27/06/2015Gien (Yearlings)Roox Henri & Betsy
27/06/2015Gien (Old birds)Panis Antoine
27/06/2015Montélimar (Old birds)De Gelissen Gebr.
27/06/2015Montélimar (Yearlings)Eerens Eddy Eddy Eerens (Maasmechelen, BE): 1st nat. Montélimar 1,500 yearlings, and fastest of 5,124 pigeons
26/06/2015Agen (Old birds)Thoné Jos
26/06/2015Agen (Yearlings)Schuermans Ferdy
20/06/2015Gien (Old birds)Rondags Gert & Frans
20/06/2015Gien (Yearlings)Conaert Jean
20/06/2015Limoges II (Yearlings)Quintens Rudi & Jos
20/06/2015Limoges II (Old birds)Steenbergen Stefan
20/06/2015Montluçon (Old birds)Vanoppen-Luyten
20/06/2015Montluçon (Yearlings)Alaerts Jonah & Noah
19/06/2015Pau (Old birds)Kempeneers Jos & Wim
13/06/2015Cahors (Old birds)Linsen Mario
13/06/2015Gueret (Old birds)Bosmans-Leekens
13/06/2015Gueret (Yearlings)Steenbergen Stefan
06/06/2015Châteauroux I (Yearlings)Das Jos
06/06/2015Châteauroux I (Old birds)Buvens Roger
06/06/2015Valence (Old birds)Thijs-Peters
30/05/2015Bourges I (Old birds)Van Rompaey Karlo Karlo Van Rompaey (St. Truiden, BE) wins 1st Nat. Bourges 18,864 old birds
30/05/2015Bourges I (Yearlings)Steenbergen Stefan Stefan Steenbergen (Herk-de-Stad, BE) dominated the yearlings' race from Bourges I
30/05/2015Limoges I (Old birds)Lenders Hubert
24/05/2015Gien (Old birds)Conaert Jean
24/05/2015Gien (Yearlings)Thijs-Peters
23/05/2015Châlons sur Saône (Old birds)Dassen-Gerits
23/05/2015Châlons sur Saône (Yearlings)Visschers & Zoon
16/05/2015Gien (Yearlings)Thijs-Peters
16/05/2015Gien (Old birds)Visschers & Zoon