Provincial results 2014: PE Vlaams-Brabant

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07/09/2014Guéret II (Youngsters)Goovaerts Marcel & Kristof
07/09/2014Guéret II (Old birds)Veulemans-Perilleux Veulemans-Perilleux (Vissenaken, BE) claim second national victory of 2014 in old birds’ race from Guéret II
30/08/2014La Souterraine II (Old birds)Jespers-Vanderwegen
30/08/2014La Souterraine II (Youngsters)Wouters-Wouters
23/08/2014Tours (Old birds)Tournelle Davy
23/08/2014Tours (Youngsters)Vanwinkel Jef
16/08/2014Argenton II (Old birds)Hooylaerts Omer
16/08/2014Argenton II (Yearlings)Menten Ronny
16/08/2014Argenton II (Youngsters)Vandevelde Koen
09/08/2014Chateauroux (Yearlings)Tournelle Davy
09/08/2014Chateauroux (Old birds)Vandepoel Yves Yves Vandepoel (Geetbets, BE) takes victory from Chateauroux II old birds
09/08/2014Chateauroux (Youngsters)Vanhoudt - Serre Vanhoudt-Serre (Diest, BE) behaalt 2e nationaal Châteauroux jongen
02/08/2014Bourges (Yearlings)Van Roy Koen
02/08/2014Bourges (Old birds)Morren Andrea Andrea Morren (Geetbets, BE) claims 1st national Bourges II old birds with De Bliksem
02/08/2014Bourges (Youngsters)Van Paesschen Louis Louis Van Paesschen (Humbeek, BE) takes the win in national classic from Bourges young birds
01/08/2014Tulle (Old birds)Vandepoel Yves
01/08/2014Tulle (Yearlings)Limbourg Erik
27/07/2014Jarnac (Yearlings)Limbourg Erik
27/07/2014Jarnac (Old birds)Vandenbergh Leon
26/07/2014Narbonne (Old birds)Pronckaert G & J
26/07/2014Narbonne (Yearlings)Christiaens-De Smedt
26/07/2014Vierzon (Old birds)Van Hoorenbeeck Louis
26/07/2014Vierzon (Yearlings)Derwa-Luxem
26/07/2014Vierzon (Youngsters)Van Driessche Jente
19/07/2014Blois (Old birds)Haine Romain
19/07/2014Blois (Yearlings)Hermans Etienne & Philip
18/07/2014Brive (Old birds)Van Essche Willy
18/07/2014Brive (Yearlings)Arien - De Keyser
18/07/2014Marseille (Old birds)Lodewijckx Ronald
12/07/2014La Souterraine I (Old birds)Verheyen Louis Louis Verheyen (Scherpenheuvel, BE) claims 1st Nat. La Souterraine 7,245 old birds
12/07/2014La Souterraine I (Yearlings)Jespers-Vanderwegen Jespers-Vanderwegen (Holsbeek, BE) claim first and third national from La Souterraine yearlings
12/07/2014Libourne (Old birds)Vandeputte-Vandenhende
12/07/2014Libourne (Yearlings)Desmet Ph & Bert
12/07/2014St.-Vincent (Old birds)Christiaens-De Smedt
05/07/2014Argenton I (Old birds)Van Paesschen Louis
05/07/2014Argenton I (Yearlings)Ceusters Andre
05/07/2014Barcelona (Old birds)Speltdoorn Remy Remy Speltdoorn (Winksele, BE) claims 1st national Barcelona with Den Barcelon
05/07/2014Limoges II (Old birds)Vandenbergh Leon
05/07/2014Limoges II (Yearlings)De Mesmaeker Clement
05/07/2014St.-Vincent (Yearlings)Monette Marcel
30/06/2014Guéret I (Old birds)Verbruggen Gommaire
30/06/2014Guéret I (Yearlings)Eyletten M&G
30/06/2014Montélimar (Old birds)Vrebos Kristian
27/06/2014Agen (Old birds)Rans Jeroen & Stijn
27/06/2014Agen (Yearlings)Bucaciuc Daniel
21/06/2014Montauban (Old birds)De Schepper Frans
21/06/2014Montluçon (Old birds)Hooylaerts Omer
21/06/2014Montluçon (Yearlings)De Mesmaeker Clement
20/06/2014Pau (Old birds)Christiaens-De Smedt
14/06/2014Cahors (Old birds)Dekens Andre
14/06/2014Poitiers (Yearlings)Moens Dirk Dirk Moens (Grimbergen, BE) claims national win from Poitiers in Zone B2 with top class hen Zorba
14/06/2014Poitiers (Old birds)Sterckx Rene
07/06/2014Châteauroux I (Old birds)Heymans Rufin
07/06/2014Châteauroux I (Yearlings)Van Asbroek Jeroen
07/06/2014Valence (Old birds)Kestens Hector
31/05/2014Bourges I (Old birds)Mattheus Louis Louis Mattheus (Baal, BE) takes an impressive national win from Bourges against 22,654 old birds
31/05/2014Bourges I (Yearlings)Veulemans-Perilleux Veulemans-Perilleux (Vissenaken, BE) win 1st National Bourges I yearlings with Golden Francine
31/05/2014Limoges I (Old birds)Smets Hok
24/05/2014Blois (Yearlings)Lauwers Jordy & Gwen
24/05/2014Blois (Old birds)Derwa-Luxem Derwa-Luxem (Herent, BE) zit in bloedvorm na 2e provinciale zege op rij
17/05/2014Vierzon (Old birds)Derwa-Luxem Derwa-Luxem (Herent, BE) shows early form with a provincial win from Vierzon
17/05/2014Vierzon (Yearlings)Jacobs Leon De interprovinciale winnaar van Leon Jacobs (Tremelo, BE) topt ook op Bourges I