Provincial results 2013: Luik

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07/09/2013Gueret (Youngsters)Leroy Frères
07/09/2013Gueret (Old birds)Zecchinon Lucien
31/08/2013Nevers (Youngsters)Dunon Theo
31/08/2013Nevers (Old birds)Panza Roberto
24/08/2013La Souterraine (Old birds)Zecchinion Lucien
24/08/2013La Souterraine (Youngsters)Jacquemin Francois
17/08/2013Issoudun (Youngsters)Dunon Theo
17/08/2013Issoudun (Old birds)Zecchinion Lucien
10/08/2013Argenton II (Old birds)Piels Pere et Fils
10/08/2013Argenton II (Yearlings)Leroy Frères
10/08/2013Argenton II (Youngsters)Leroy Frères
03/08/2013Châteauroux (Old birds)Delhez Didier
03/08/2013Châteauroux (Yearlings)Schur-Staryk
03/08/2013Châteauroux (Youngsters)Mathoul Rene
03/08/2013Compiègne (Old birds, Yearlings, Youngsters)Cliegnet Jacques, Dejardin Louis, Jacquemotte Thierry
03/08/2013Tulle (Old birds)Bronckart Raoul
03/08/2013Tulle (Yearlings)Lemestre Dany
02/08/2013Perpignan (Old birds)Panza Roberto
28/07/2013Bourges II (Old birds)Nibus Julien
28/07/2013Bourges II (Yearlings)Nibus Julien
28/07/2013Bourges II (Youngsters)Delhez Didier
26/07/2013Narbonne (Old birds)Piron Joseph
26/07/2013Narbonne (Yearlings)Lemestre Dany
20/07/2013Bourges (Old birds)Dunon Theo
20/07/2013Bourges (Yearlings)Dekens Joseph
20/07/2013Bourges (Youngsters)Moens Patrick
20/07/2013Souillac (Old birds)Lemestre Dany
20/07/2013Souillac (Yearlings)Caro Marcel & Zn
19/07/2013Marseille (Old birds)Bourguet Michel
13/07/2013Brive (Old birds)Reynckens Raymond
13/07/2013Brive (Yearlings)Gregoire-Julemont
13/07/2013Nevers (Old birds)Drooghaag Roger
13/07/2013Nevers (Yearlings)Henry Leon
13/07/2013Nevers (Youngsters)Jacquemain Jean-Marc
12/07/2013St.-Vincent (Old birds)Albert Jean-Pierre
06/07/2013La Souterraine (Old birds)Delhez Didier
06/07/2013La Souterraine (Yearlings)Petermans Olivier
06/07/2013Libourne (Old birds)Roth Joseph
06/07/2013Libourne (Yearlings)Caro Marcel & Zn
06/07/2013Melun (Old birds)Bertholet Patrice
06/07/2013Melun (Yearlings)Panza Roberto
06/07/2013Melun (Youngsters)Leroy Frères
05/07/2013Barcelona (Old birds)Pirotte Ghislain
30/06/2013Agen (Old birds)Dekeyser-Dethier
30/06/2013Agen (Yearlings)Bonmariage-Masson
30/06/2013Argenton I (Yearlings)Leroy Frères
30/06/2013Argenton I (Old birds)Rahier Rene
30/06/2013Orange (Old birds)Deckers Jean-Marie
30/06/2013Orléans (Yearlings)Vignaux Fernand
30/06/2013Orléans (Old birds)Miseur Danny
22/06/2013Gien (Old birds, Yearlings)Likin-Watrin, Savelberg Hubert
22/06/2013Gueret (Old birds)Vandersteen Armand
22/06/2013Gueret (Yearlings)Thielens-Romain JM
22/06/2013Montauban (Old birds)Reynckens Raymond
15/06/2013Cahors (Old birds)Delbushaye Cedric Cédric Delbushaye (Verviers, BE) wins the 1st national Cahors against 8,570 old birds!
15/06/2013Montluçon (Old birds)Westphal Joseph
15/06/2013Montluçon (Yearlings)Jacquemin Francois
15/06/2013Pithiviers (Old birds, Yearlings)Closset-Defays, Dunon Theo
14/06/2013Pau (Old birds)Hemelaers P & F
08/06/2013Melun (Old birds, Yearlings)Fryns Mario, Vrancken-Rubens
08/06/2013Montélimar (Old birds)Nibus Julien
08/06/2013Poitiers (Old birds)Caro Marcel & Zn
08/06/2013Poitiers (Yearlings)Caro Marcel & Zn
01/06/2013Châteauroux (Old birds)Tramonte Mario
01/06/2013Châteauroux (Yearlings)Pirotte-Capon
01/06/2013Gien (Yearlings)Caro Marcel & Zn
01/06/2013Gien (Old birds)Bodson Jean & Franck
01/06/2013Limoges (Old birds)Caro Marcel & Zn
25/05/2013Angerville (Old birds)Andot Victor
25/05/2013Angerville (Yearlings)Schur-Staryk
25/05/2013Bourges I (Old birds)Thielens-Romain JM
25/05/2013Bourges I (Yearlings)Caro Marcel & Zn
18/05/2013Nevers (Old birds)Staveaux Arnold
18/05/2013Nevers (Yearlings)Diet Fabrice
11/05/2013Melun (Yearlings)Leroy Frères
11/05/2013Melun (Old birds)Miseur Danny Danny Miseur (Avernas, BE) a répondu au taquet sur le Melun provincial liégeois