Gaby Vandenabeele (BE): youngsters of his best breeders

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The Vandenabeele pigeon family is the number one pigeon breed in modern-day pigeon racing, most supporters and opponents will agree on that. His first online auction ever, here on PIPA, clearly illustrated the international status of the Vandenabeele pigeon breed.

Youngsters of the inonic pigeons Rudy, Super Romeo and Nieuwe Bliksem were sold at record prices in this auction. These three bloodlines are the key exponents of the modern-day Vandenabeele pigeon, and their descendants have won numerous national races and KBDB competitions.

On 19 December the world renowned champion from Dentergem brings us 17 direct youngsters from his very best breeders in an exclusive Christmas and New Year's special on PIPA:

-8 direct youngsters of breeding legend Rudy
-4 direct youngsters of 1st Nat. Ace Pigeon Long Distance YL KBDB 2013, Super Romeo
-2 direct youngsters of 1st Nat. Tulle winner YL 2014, New Bliksem
-2 direct youngsters of a double provincial winner, the renowned racing bird Benji
-1 direct descendant of top class breeding bird Rambo II, son of Bliksem

What better way to celebrate the start of a new year than with a young birds' auction of one of the world's most famous pigeon lofts? Can the Vandenabeele pigeons give us a spectacular start to 2017?

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