What is a buying order?

You can submit a buying order, in which case the auction system will bid for you up to a certain maximum amount. Should we receive a higher bid than your actual bid, but lower or equal to your current buying order, we will then automatically bid higher than your competitor’s bid and the highest bid will be in your name once again.

A buying order is always given priority with regards to a popular bid. This means that a buying order of 2,000 EUR will win from a regular bid of the same amount of 2,000 EUR.
When there are equally high buying orders, the buyer who placed his buying order first will win the bid.

Your buying order is never visible to any other visitors/buyers. The buying order on our auction website is visible to you only.

  • If you still have problems, or if you prefer to place a buying order by phone, please contact us.
  • You can change or remove your buying order by clicking the "Change b.o."-button next to the pigeon.

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