Why register on PIPA?


Why does my account have to be approved before I can place a bid?


Bidding process

How can I place a bid?

Auction rules

What is a buying order?

When are auctions extended in time?

My auction account

How to change my nickname?

Where can I see and modify my account details?

How can I increase my budget?

How to see my bids?

Why do I have to ask for permission to bid again after I’ve changed my account details?

E-mail and SMS alerts

How can I be notified when I'm outbid?

Where can I change my mobile phone number?

I did not receive a validation code through SMS. What do I do now?


Payment terms

Exchange rate

Payment & charges (bank tranfer & credit card)


Shipping method

Transport fees

Delivery time


What to do when a pigeon is infertile?

What to do when my pigeon is dead on arrival?

What to do with sick pigeons?

Can the gender of the pigeons be guaranteed?

Where can I file my complaints?