ウィリー・ファンハウーテ - ウェフェルヘム(ベルギー)、KBDBナショナルチャンピオンイヤーリング5位!

The Willy Vanhoutte colony has already written many pages in pigeon history. In addition to provincial Ace pigeon titles he was crowned ‘General Champion’ of the province West-Flanders 4 times in 5 years (in 2000-’02-’03-’04), which delivered him the title ‘King’ of West-Flanders…

...classified 3 times in the national championships… and in the distant past was even ‘Car winner’ in the ‘national Bourges’ of 1989. The 2009 sport season was a new triumph at that level because ‘hot from the press’ we see that Willy now stands as

5° National Champion yearlings KBDB 2009
You couldn’t have better proof of a very strong 2009 season! We haven’t even said a word about the immense title wins that have been achieved at local level over the years, as well as in 2009. A chain of successes that didn’t go unnoticed in the outside world, because Willy was often approached for pigeons. It is no wonder that practically everywhere in the land more new names turned up that were very successful after introducing the Vanhoutte pigeons into their colony! According to Willy, championships are a great measuring tool for a colony because they reflect the performances over the entire sport season.
As a retired postman, Willy can now fully indulge in his sport. He began with the pigeons in 1965… Initially with a preference for the game with the youngsters in the Sprint. After a few years there were also top performances with the old birds, and there was a changeover made to the Middle Distance. The old racers are raced according to the classic widowhood. Willy has 28 boxes available for his old racing pigeons, but these don’t necessarily have to be filled… only quality is important, not quantity says Willy! The racing pigeons eat separately in their living boxes because in this way Willy can closely follow the eating habits of each pigeon… which pigeon doesn’t have enough, which one has too much… and so respond to the situation every day, which can sometimes vary a great deal per pigeon, depending on the performance that has been delivered or has to be delivered. It is obvious that a pigeon that has just returned from a race and has made an effort … will  have a larger ‘appetite’ than a pigeon that has been given a week’s rest… that a smaller pigeon will probably be full sooner than a larger pigeon. There is also always fresh grit available.
Both before the start of the breeding season as the racing season there is a visit made to the veterinary surgeon, and his advice is followed. During the season the veterinary surgeon is only consulted when the performances are not up to scratch. Around the 25th of November both the breeders and the racers are coupled. The racing pigeons normally raise 1 youngster. In this way 80 youngsters are ringed every year, from which 10 or 14 cocks are selected after the season and they have to prove themselves as yearlings a year later.
Willy is not a supporter of coupling ‘too closely’ (no closer than ‘nephew’ x ‘niece’)… although he attaches a lot of importance to pigeons with a soft plumage, well muscled, colourful eye with a lot of pigment and a good model. Before they are given a place in the breeding loft the self bred pigeons have to produce serious honours lists… in other words, the knife that is used in Wevelgem is ‘very sharp’! Yet, Willy is also aware that standing still is synonym for going backwards… and from that point of view Willy tries to buy 3 pigeons every year from fanciers who have raced well . These pigeons are then coupled straight away with his own best pigeons… and if the results are disappointing then the breeding pigeon in question is directly removed from the loft, along with all its descendants! If you are successful every three years, then you can carry on a while longer says Willy! An approach in the pigeon sport that has delivered results, and brought Willy to the highest rung of the ladder at provincial level in no time, has allowed him to take root between the fine top in the ‘small middle distance’ of our country! But before one gets this far, the necessary performances have to be achieved, there have to be excellent breeding and racing pigeons available… not only to get this far, but also to remain here for a considerable time. All conditions that were perfected and filled by Willy Vanhoutte. Let us illustrate by means of 4 of the current toppers who are making everything rosy in Wevelgem… something proved in their honours lists 2009:

3107045/06  " Groten "                            
11.4  Arras    396 p.    17                          
25.4  Roye     604 p.    2                  
02.5  Ablis     639 p.    2                   
09.5  Ablis      625 p.    33                
23.5  Ablis     316 p.    9                   
30.5  Ablis     184 p.    6                   
13.6  Ablis     152 p.    6                  
20.6  Ablis    130 p.    20                  
-3109061/08  " Primus "
 11.4 Arras    396 p.    39                   
                            329 YL    21                            
25.4 Roye    604 p.    59                   
                     424 YL   37                                                                                                     
02.5 Ablis           639 p.    39             
                       366 YL    20                                                                                                   
09.5 Ablis    625 p.    31                    
                      555 YL    19                                                                                                       
23.5 Ablis      316 p.    1                   
                    229 YL    1                                                                                       
30.5 Ablis    184 p.    9                    
                       155 YL    5                                                                                                 
 07.6 Ablis     161 p.    28                   
                        170 p.    24                                                                                               
20.6 Ablis    130 p.    1                      
                       125 YL    1             
The ‘Groten’ and the ‘Primus' are 2 full brothers from a super couple obtained via joint breeding with pigeons from Marcel Demeester from Ingelmunster:                                                                                    
Father: 3074206/02 ‘Den Bourges’ from Marcel Demeester from Ingelmunster.
Mother: 3056111/02 daughter of 3145096/98 "Concorde" x 3167720/00 Corteel Bernard, Koksyde.

-3109103/08 " Tarzan "
This is then again a son of the ‘Tobias’ ring 3104129/04 (self son of the ‘Young Zorro’ 3145079/98 line Stier, Playboy and Piot) x Hen ‘Van Der Schans’ ring 5195771/04 (Association Van der Schans  Hamont Achel). He won:
25.4 Roye    546 p.    28
380 YL    13      
13.5 Ablis    288 p.    4
300 yl    14       
23.5 Orleans    226 p.    8
300 YL    3   
30.5 Orleans    353 YL    1
Prov    1331 YL    6
262 p.    2
Prov    939 p.    5  
13.6 Blois      188 p.    8
248 YL    7     
27.6 Orleans    157 YL    1
Prov    489 YL    9
151 p.    1
Prov    411 p.    10

With this, the ‘Tarzan’ was 7° Prov Ace pigeon Middle Distance Yearlings KBDB 2009!

-3109133/08 "Cupido "
Self son of the ‘Farouk’ ring 3107134/06 (coming out the ‘Young King’ 3145155/98 x ‘Hilde’ 3124098/00, who was then a full sister of the famous "Figo " by Antoon & Hilde Reynaert) x ‘Daughter Bourges’ 3105146/05 (Daughter of ‘Den Bourges’ 3074206/02 x 3056111/02). This ‘Cupido’ won in 2009:                                                       
 25.4   Roye    546 p.    23
380 YL    12           
09.5    Ablis     309 p.    1
216 YL    1            
23.5    Ablis     316 p.    3
269 YL    2            
30.5    Ablis       184 p.    1
155 YL    1          
20.6    Ablis       130 p.    15
125 p.    7        

Real toppers in the racing lofts of Willy Vanhoutte , who have once again kept the banner of the colony flying high in 2009! The success train remains on the right track there in Wevelgem year after year. With such a minimal occupation as in the lofts of Willy Vanhoutte, it is no easy feat… but proof of the ‘class’, ‘breeding worth’  and ‘performance capabilities’ of the modern Vanhoutte-pigeon. An extremely tough selection every year, only the real toppers are allowed to remain for the winter… and coupling these with each other… after all, the ‘good’ always come out the ‘good’… out the better family of pigeons! It is the only real way to remain successful in the pigeon sport… but of course, this is easier said than done! That’s why… we take our hat off for what sport friend Willy has managed to perform in the middle distance races for years. Performances which we feel are the result of an ideal harmony between ‘craftsmanship’ and ‘class pigeons’… say the art of achieving the ‘maximum’ from the available ‘top quality’! Willy Vanhoutte has proved this for years in his own loft, but… but just as much in the many lofts that have called on Willy for reinforcements! Congratulations Willy and keep up the good work!

Performances 2009:
02/5 Ablis    639 old    2-12-39-117-206 (9)
        366 Yearlings    7-20-54 (5)
09/5 Ablis    625 old    31-32-38-89-96 (6)
        555 yearlings    19-60 (3)
         Ablis (Gul)    309 old    1-2-3-7-32 (8)
         Ablis (Gul)216 yearlings    1-2-3-24 (6)
16/5 Ablis    288 old    4 (6)
        300 yearlings    14 (3)
         Ablis (Gul) 172 old    2 (2)
23/5 Ablis    316 old    1-3-4-9-11-12-30-70 (8)
        269 yearlings    1-2-3-50 (4)
         Ablis (Gul) 175 old    2-6-7-58 (5)
30/5 Orleans    262 old    2-19-30-75 (6)
        353 yearlings    1-2-14-25 (4)
30/5 Ablis    184 old    1-4-6-7-9-11-12-20 (8)
        155 yearlings    1-2-5-7 (4)
         Ablis (Gul)    119 old    1-2 (4)
06/6 Ablis    161 old    28-30 (5)
        170 yearlings    24-26 (3)
13/6 Blois    188 old    6-10-39-51-55 (8)
        248 yearlings    7-8-32 (4)
13/6 Ablis    152 old    6-15-36 (7)
        153 yearlings    37-47 (3)
20/6 Ablis    659 young    4-189
        130 old    1-4-9-15-16-20-30 (9)
        125 yearlings    1-2-7-11 (6)
         Ablis (Gul)    398 young    1-2-3-6-10-30-49-52-72-84-105-110 (21)
27/6 Ablis    641 young    70-111-122-203
          82 old    13-16 (6)
          69 yearlings    8 (2)
04/7 Ablis    910 Young    6-51-104-195-292 (8)
         Ablis (Gul)    601 young    8-18-20-21-31-55-60-82-138-146-148-177 (21)
11/7 Ablis (Gul)    454 young    2-3-34-37-38-40-46-64-89-96-97-108-109-135-141 (29)
18/7 Ablis (Gul)    394 young    12-47-51-52-61-71-74-114-131 (18)
01/8 Ablis    518 young    5-9-10-17-25-43-52-94-166 (13)
         Ablis (Gul)    430 young    14-26-31-32-56-70-81-81-131 (9/9)
08/8 Ablis    370 young    17-41-60-63-68 (8)
         Ablis (Gul)    294 young    4-5-7-18-26-40-52-56-66-76 (15)
15/8 Ablis    388 young    19-23-114-119-129 (6)
         Ablis (Gul)    290 young    3-16-27-37-40-68-88-89 (20)
22/8 Ablis    336 young    13-14-64-85 (4)
         Ablis (Gul)    239 young    3-6-8-29-32-39-50-66 (13)
29/8 Ablis    185 young    22-28-51 (4)
         Ablis (Gul)    197 young    3-29-65 (9)

Note: Ablis (Gul) = club Gullegem, other races are the ‘L.A.R.-union’



Beste Willy,

Van harte proficiat met deze nieuwe triomf, een bewijs van andermaal een zeer sterk seizoen!
Langs deze weg ook nog eens bedankt voor de duiven en het advies dat we bij jou in het verleden bekwamen!!!

vriendelijke groeten
Koen en Etienne Dejonghe

Beste Willy,
Proficiat met weerom een wonderjaar
Johny & Kristof

van harte proficiat met u prachtig seizoen 2009,
we weten allemaal hoe moeilijk het is als west-vlaming zich te klasseren in de nationale kampioenschappen!
na de vele provinciale titels, mag u misschien beginnen dromen van een nationale triomf....
met de beste groeten
rik simpelaere

nice to meet you

My testimony(我的見證):

Visited Willy in 2003, bought his 8 time 1st prize winner, a dark checker cock.

2003年,拜訪威利, 買了一隻8次冠軍濃斑雄.

The second run nest brother and sister bred from this cock toke turn to win 1st prize in two weekends on the races from the sea.


Real fast pigeon and survive even hard races.