De Nachtergael-Jourquin - Deux Acren (BE) - Win 1° National Orange 5.242 p.

With Orange last weekend the 2° race the Rhône valley was on the agenda. The thunderstorms in the East Cantons of France and Belgium on Saturday meant that the pigeons remained basketted for an extra night. On Sunday morning mister D.Stocklet of the organising Club du Fond Wallonië finally gave the go ahead for liberating the pigeons at 6h50.

Given the predicted warmth (28 degrees and higher… in the shadow), and the dominating NE-wind it was very heavy going for the pigeons. No wonder that the first pigeons hardly made a velocity of 1061 m/m. And yet it was a millimetre sprint to decide the national victory. It was finally the duo De Nachtergaele-Jourquin from Deux-Acren who came out as winners, they clocked at 18h24’49” from a distance of 737,596 Km, good enough for a velocity of 1061,570 m./min.  Good enough for national victory with scarcely 3 seconds difference with the 2° Nihoul Père & Fils from Senzeilles who clocked at 17h24’05” from a distance of 673,058 Km, with a velocity of 1061,467 m/min… to make you want to tear your hair out… such tough circumstances, being so close and then missing the national victory by 3 seconds… you would tear your hair out for less! Especially when less than 3 minutes later you have also clocked number 3 National… a performance to be respected!

Photo + Wing of the national winner:

The winners are the husband-wife tandem Willy De Nachtergael and wife Josette Jourqiun. Willy is 72 years old and has raced pigeons for 60 years. He was also threatened by the scenario of missing national victory… Something you should know is that in 1978 he missed National victory from La Souterraine through his own fault. At the time Willy didn’t expect the pigeons to arrive for some time and he was away training the pigeons when his father noticed a La Souterraine pigeon… but because of his age he couldn’t climb the steps, meaning that he had to wait until Willy returned home. He missed the national victory by 3 minutes, with a pigeon that had been home for 5 minutes… through his own fault! It kept him awake for days he tells us… This wouldn’t happen to him a 2° time… but now his national victory was also hanging on a ‘thread’! His pigeon first flew 2 laps of honour and landed like a brick at the trap, but missed it completely… and fell to the ground in the grass. Luckily he recovered immediately and went inside… and still therefore won 1° National with… a 3 second lead! As you see… luck is sometimes on your side!

The loft on which the winning bird arrived

Willy hasn’t kept much of a record of the pedigree of the national winner. His father is from 2001 and was bought by Willy in 2002 from Alain & Dirk Vandendriessche from St.Lievens-Esse. The mother is a hen from 2004 with blood in the veins from Geroges Carteus x Alain Vandendriessche and from the ‘Bon Noir’ (own stock). This ‘Bon Noir’ is more or less the basis pigeon of the De Nachtergael-Jourquin colony, because this clapper managed to win the 1° prize locally from Vierzon for 4 years in a row… a real ‘bruiser’! He is also grandfather of the ‘Zwarte Barcelona’, which won 4 x Barcelona with 2 x the absolute top as 25° National ’02 + 59° National Barcelona! A very strong  line, that much is obvious, and that came out again in this very tough Orange, when the ‘ZWART BONTEN’ (a black and white with red eye) out the same line of the ‘Bon Noir’ signed for ‘national victory’! This chap had previously performed the following in 2009:
23/5 Bourges  502 p. 112
07/6 Chateaurouroux 163 p. 7
  FCD 887 p. 32
28/6 Orange Nat 5.242 p.  1

Photo 'Zwarte Barcelona', winner of 25th National Barcelona and 59th National Barcelona. 'Zwarte Barcelona' is the same line as the 1° Nat. Orange.

Up until last year the pigeons were always allowed to see their hens before they left, but not any more since this year. I’m 72 years old, Willy explains, and heaving the baskets about is starting to take its toll… that’s why I don’t show the hens before basketting! This seemingly doesn’t make any difference to the results! He breeds just over 50 youngsters every year and tries to select 20 yearlings from them, who have to supplement the 15 old pigeons with which the national long distance is raced! This year the team of yearlings has been reduced to 10 or 12 due to a very bad race!

View on the racing loft for the old birds

Willy lives in Deux Acren, which lies in Henegouwen near the border with East-Flanders… between Lessen and Moerbeke… which means he has the choice of basketting in East-Fl in Moerbeke (a FCD) or in Derby Hainaut. Next to his national victory he has also had a magnificent result from Orange, and had clocked 5 of his 6 pigeons at 20h24 by the 20° prize against 85 participating pigeons locally. This morning he clocked his 6° pigeon, which will probably still win a prize… it couldn’t be better! So as mentioned earlier, very strong pigeons… prepared for the long distance… built up for 50% with pigeons from Alain & Dirk Vandendriessche, supplemented with his ‘golden blacks’! Willy is uncertain as to whether he is going to sell his pigeon or enter him once again for Souillac… He will probably have to think long and hard… time will tell! Congratulations Willy & Josette!

Photo of the father of the winner on top, photo of the grandmother of the winner below



Beste collega duivenmelker
Van harte gefeliciteerd met je overwinning op de loodzware Orange!

Chen Lingxiao

Who knows the contact way of Mr DENACHTERGAEL_JOURQU( The winner of Orange in 2009) ?

Please tell me . Thanks a miilion !

Best regards


Very Happy - I can help with the contact way to De Nachtergael-Jourquin
Victor Reygaerts

Gelieve te noteren dat de winnaar uit Orange, de tandem DE NACHTERGAELE-JOURQUIN al VELE jaren, voor de vluchten halve-fond, zware
halve fond en fond, inkorven in de maatschappij "DENDERBOND" te NINOVE !!!
Namens "Denderbond", Victor Reygaerts-Voorzitter.