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Hi All
on watching the results in Holland for many years the Jan Theelen birds seem to be fantastic family of birds pure and crossed mainley with the Van de Wegens , i was told he had a big sale in the late nintys and sold his family? i no Mr Theelen as got birds now but does anybody no if the birds are the same lines as he had years ago?
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Mr Jan Theelen is still alive and living in Buggenum. He still plays with the pigeons. He had a very popular bar/Pub in Buggenum. He sold the pub and he also sold the pigeons (in 1990). He bred for himself and a son in Law a few rounds of youngsters. In 1994 (??) he won International Barcelona on his new loft.

He still has the same breed of pigeons, improved with new strains.

There are still people who do very well with birds from Jan Theelen !

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Jan Theelen's (old line) are present for about 40% in my pigeons, and i like them very much... Rolling Eyes
They bring some "extra" fightersmentality...as i call it Very Happy


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