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Hi everybody,

I have sent my birds droppings to a local vets several times over the last year and each time everything has been clear except for moderate levels of candida. I know that this exists naturally in birds but does anybody know of a natural product that will keep this at low levels.

I have been using garlic and grapefruit seed extract in the water on a regular basis but this obviously does not help with this particular problem. Nystan Oral Suspension clears it in the short term but the problem keeps coming back. It is not visible on the droppings in the loft.

Any suggestions will be appreciated and tried.



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Hi Graham
Last year did the pigeons look okay and race okay. If they did then you do not need to worry about treating them for Candida now or anything else. If they did not race and look well last year and you have had problems all this time, You should have got all the imformation from the Vet you took the droppings too and all should be well in the loft well before now. No problem if there is one should be in a loft one season to the next. Perhaps you are worrying out of turn. Relax and enjoy the pigeons you do not need to be sending dropping samples of too regular. The pigeons will tell you if they are well and if your bloodlines are right so will the results in the coming season. Good Luck


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Graham if you look up http://www.organic-vet.reading.ac.uk/ look under poultry/disease list. They suggest affected birds can be treated with copper sulphate at a dilution of 1:2,000 in drinking water. The use of gentian violet or nystatin in feed may give temporary control of candidiasis.

In vivo studies have shown that garlic at 2% and 4% in feed protected chicks from experimental Candida albicans infection. The disease induced by oral inoculation of chicks with C. albicans was successfully cured by providing a ration containing 5% garlic.
Regards Tony

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hi graham
have you tried Y40? this is very good for your problem it is available from good corn stores or from pigeon health uk it costs about £5/6 a bottle (10ml to 2lt water) for 5 days. all the best



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