Video: Interview Marcel Albrecht and André Verbesselt (with English subtitles)

Andre Verbesselt has been forced to part with his wondrous collection of ‘Aelbrecht pigeons’! Simply because there is no other way… there is no option… the verdict is tough, but irreversible!

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are they being sold on PIPA and when, would have like to listen to this in English
kind regards .....

i hope these two fine pigeon men are well and remain so

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andy bury uk

Andrew, yes on PIPA. You can have subtitles in English...

Andre Verbesselt is not well at all, he is ill and thats the reason he sells out. He is one of my closest friends, he has one of the finest collections of Aelbrecht pigeons in the world today.

I think Andre said he will give Miss Joice 's dughter to Marcel, not Miss Joice herself.

Two of the True Gentlemen of our Sport.

Gary Nelson
Little Reata Loft

Correct Liu !

Hope real pigeon fanciers get the good pigeons,not only the rich bosses.

Hello Nikolaas,

Is "Miss Joice" will include to the auction? As I understand according to the video clip, Andre said that he would give her back to Marcel 14:07.. Because if she may includes, I feel she will probably the most expensive hen or most expensive pigeon in an auction ! Well it depends on the situation, "The Max" and the "07-754" is also great for me.. ehehe... well see that..

Best Regards,

De moed niet verliezen Andre!

Best Aelbrecht collection. Beautifull breeding pigeons of the best strains of Marcel Aelbrecht!

Succes André, I wish you a fantastic sale, you deserve it!

Best wishes and a good recovery!