(28/03/2008) Devos Etienne - Deerlijk

Please read this first: these interviews are made in the end of the eighties ( so this is more than ten years in the past ), I use these articles from "The Elite

(28/03/2008) Gyselbrecht Remi, "AIMING FOR THE TOP"

This is the story of how father Remi, and his sons André and Carlo, set to work

(28/03/2008) Bros Patrick, "Long Distance Heroes in UK!"

Please introduce yourself and tell us how you got started in the sport.


(28/03/2008) Imbrecht Germain (Bornival, BE)

  IMBRECHT Germain, Bornival (BE) Born 4 July 1935 - Farmer. Became fancier 1959.