Wout Spierings (Waalwijk, NL) strikes back with an impressive 1, 2, 3 NPO Fontenay-sur-Eure

Wout Spierings used his winning mentality to fight his way back to the highest level in pigeon racing. He turned his ambitions into reality in the NPO race from Fontenay-sur-Eure, stealing the show with a 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 6th.

Wout Spierings showing his world class breeder Blue Prins

Determined to get back to the top

We all know that Wout Spierings can get some amazing things done in pigeon racing, remember his two national championship titles. He became loft champion young birds in 2004 and national loft champion one day long distance in 2007. And there we have his two favourite competitions. In 2008 Wout took a temporary break from the sport to come back in 2011 with one major goal in mind: he wanted to regain his postition as one of the top level players. The NPO race from Fontenay-sur-Eure shows that he managed to reach his goal indeed: he wins the first three prizes in the race.

Fontenay-sur-Eure: 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 6th NPO against 9,425 pigeons

Wout Spierings has a nice team of young birds at his disposal in 2017. The old birds were paired in the third week of January, raising 70 youngsters for the young birds' competition. Wout competed in the NPO race from Fontenay with 57 pigeons still remaining; he had a minimal amount of losses again this season. Wout does not spend too much time training his young birds: they did only four training flights for a distance of between 2 and 22km, before heading to their first real race from Asse-Zellik (104km). The young birds got into their rhythm along the way and their results improved each week. The team did one final race in the week before the NPO race from Fontenay, where they showed to be in great form. They had already won three top 10 placings in Pont-St.-Maxence against 1,503 pigeons earlier on as well. Wout could not be happier with his 31 prize winners from a total of 57 basketed pigeons. The team did equally well in Fontenay, winning the following prizes in Rayon 4 De Langstraat of Brabant 2000:

Fontenay 446 km  1,318 pigeons: 1-2-3-5-8-23-25-27-34-46-48-57-65-68-86-etc. (33/57)
Brabant 2000     9,425 pigeons: 1-2-3-6-29-etc. (34/57)

Blue Prins makes a difference in the NPO race from Fontenay

NL09-3954587 Blue Prins leaves his mark on the NPO race from Fontenay

The 446km from Fontenay-sur-Eure to Waalwijk went by very quickly, and four of Wout Spierings's pigeons came home simultaneously, each arriving within 43 seconds of each other. It soon became clear that these four pigeons had been blazingly fast. Later in the day all four pigeons appeared on the national teletext page NPO winning a 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 6th. There is a remarkable similarity between these four birds: three of them are grandchildren of top breeder NL09-3954587 Blue Prins, and that same Blue Prins plays a role in the fourth pigeon's pedigree as well, as the great-grandfather. Blue Prins is a grandchild of De Kanjer, with which Wout won the title of best young bird in the national WHZB competition. Blue Prins proved his worth as the sire of NL15-3527747 Princess, winner of a 1st Fontenay 2005 p. and 4th National Ace Pigeon YBs NPO. The line of Blue Prins was successfully crossed with descendants of other nationally renowned birds. This became became apparent when we looked at Wout's fastest four pigeons in the NPO race from Fontenay, which were all males.

NL17-3728870 Grandchild Blue Prins, 1st NPO Fontenay 9425 pigeons

NL17-3728870, winner of a 1s NPO 9425 p. Fontenay-sur-Eure

The first prize from Fontenay goes to NL17-3728870, which is a grandson of Blue Prins. The dam of this NPO winner is NL15-1894277 Alexia Future, a grandchild of a brother and a sister of the legendary Harry of Jan Hooymans (Kerkdriel, NL). Click here to browse through the pedigree of the winner.

NL12-1783985 Daughter Alexia, grandmother of a 1st and 3rd NPO Fontenay-sur-Eure

NL17-3728876 Grandchild Blue Prins, 2nd NPO Fontenay 9425 pigeons

The second prize winner in Fontenay NPO is also a grandchild of Blue Prins. The dam of the 17-876 shows that Wout had carefully planned his road to the top. She is a daughter of NL12-1783893 Prince Harry, a son of the aforementioned Harry of Jan Hooymans. Prince Harry was paired to NL09-2094281 Special Hen, a hen from Pieter Veenstra (Drachtstercompagnie). She is a daughter of Da Vinci and Special Blue, which means she is also a sister of Dolce Vita.

NL12-1783893 Prince Harry, grandfather of 2nd NPO Fontenay-sur-Eure

NL17-3728869 3rd NPO Fontenay

Behind these two loft mates it was racing bird 17-869 that arrived in third place in the first NPO race young birds in Province Brabant 2000. He is a son of Prince Junior x Alexia Future, which means he is a full brother of the winner. Is this the discovery of a new stock pair?

NL17-3728845 Grandchild Prince Harry, 6th NPO Fontenay

The fourth pigeon to get a teletext prize in Waalwijk is 17-845. Breeding birds Prince Harry and Special Hen play a key role in this pedigree as well: they are his grandparents. Click here for the full pedigree.

NL09-2094281 Special Hen, grandmother of the 6th NPO Fontenay

Nothing extraordinary

We asked Wout to give us a few details about his young birds. "They basically stay in each other's company so that new nests are created, and I leave them be. I occasionally add a youngster to a bowl when the eggs are about to hatch. They will be basketed for the intermediate Natour races in the next few weeks. The races of 475km with two nights in the basket are used to prepare them for the one day long distance as young birds." Wout thinks there is nothing special about his approach but the same does not apply to his remarkable achievements. Wout strikes back and regains his place as one of the leading lofts.