Wim Weerink (Wierden, NL) has the fastest pigeon overall in Limoges

The first overnight long distance race of this season took off on 2nd of June 2017, and it was Wim Weerink from Wierden who claimed a prestigious win. His pigeon was also the fastest overall.

Wim Weerink (Wierden, NL)

Wim Weerink from Wierden is a marathon fancier with quite a few top prizes on his palmares. Last year he became Marathon Champion in Province 9 East Holland thanks to a steady stream of results, although he failed to win a first prize. He made up for that in 2017, claiming victory in the very first marathon race of the season against 1269 pigeons - a terrific result. We will talk about his victory in detail but not before we introduce you to Wim Weerink himself, a 51 year old fancier from Wierden. Wim has a company in event catering, which means he provides foods and drinks at festivals, events, company parties, and openings. He got involved in the sport through his grandfather and his nephew Hennie Scholten. His first long distance pigeons came from the loft of Jelle Jellema (whose loft was in Steggerda at the time), and from Vertelman & Son (Hoogkarspel). Wim has a racing loft of 10 metres wide that accommodates 95 racing birds, and a breeding loft with 15 pairs.

The pigeon breed

His current pigeon breed is founded on the following bloodlines: direct Jellema pigeons and Jellema pigeons obtained from Jan Morsink and Jan Grootonk. These Jellema pigeons come from the following lines: son zwart Goud, son/daughter Orion, inbred Zwart Goud, full sister Evi, inbred Saffier, Haviok, and Jacki. In addition, Wim obtained birds directly from Vertelman, Winkens-Itteren, Hein van Gurp, G. Veerman, J. Van Schaijk from Nes a/d Amstel and Wout van den Hoek from Putten.

The winning hen

The winning hen is NL2015-1287914, Diane. She was basketed for her second overnight long distance race in her early career with with eggs of ten days old. Her sire is a son of Dikke Rooie of Vertelman, and the dam is a direct hen of Jelle Jellema bred from Haviok paired to Mette. Her pedigree includes such famous Jellema pigeons as Zwart Goud, Saffier and Bergerac-doffer. She finished her first overnight long distance race as a yearling somewhere in the middle of the pack. Her second race was a different story altogether, arriving home as the fastest pigeon overall. She was the fastest pigeon in province 9, 10 and 11 against 3,455 pigeons. Click here for the pedigree of the 914.

The winning hen from Limoges

A considerable number of Jellema pigeons

The Jelle Jellema pigeons have played a defining role in the Wim Weerink pigeon breed. in fact, Wim not only won a first prize from Limoges, he also took a 5th place in that same race in Province 9 against 1,279 pigeons. And this pigeon, Joey NL15-1287908, is related to Jellema as well. His dam is super class breeding hen 08-257, which comes from Orion, a direct son of Zwart Goud. Orion was an outstanding racing bird in the longer distance as well, having won for instance a 6th National Bergerac in 2004 and a 7th National St. Vincent in 2006. Click here for the full pedigree of Joey.

Champion in 2016

Wim Weerink is clearly not a one trick pony. He had some great results in the marathon competition in 2015 as well, and this resulted in the following championship titles:

1st not nominated marathon Province 9
1st and 5th pigeon champion marathon Province 9
4th nominated marathon Province 9
1st nominated VNCC
1st and 3rd ace pigeon olds VNCC
4th not nominated VNCC
1st champions league old birds VNCC

These titles were won thanks to the following prizes:

Limoges 2016:     6-17-64-65-84 (19/9) 1,544 p 
St Vincent 2016: 14-45 (10/4)            782 p
Periqueux 2016:  55-74-91 (20/14)      2,356 p
Albi 2016:       50-141 (10/4)         1,173 p
Orange 2016:     22-69-95 (10/5)       1,272 p
Cahors 2016:     29-50-76-85 (19/9)    1,621 p
Bergerac 2016:    5-13-74 (20/7)       1,408 p

A great start to 2017

Wim has lived up to his reputation as the 2016 marathon champion by showing some great form in the early 2017 season: he claims a 1st and 5th prize in Province 9 in the first marathon race of the season. Would the 2016 champion be able to retain his title for a second consecutive season? He has definitely made an important first step with a brilliant achievement. Many congratulations Wim.