Wilfried Vandemaele

Wilfried Vandemaele from Heule near Kortrijk was annouced the winner of Bourges-I yearlings

Wilfried Vandemaele
from Heule near Kortrijk has won the national Bourges-I yearlings. The “Bourges”, (1st nat yearling) is of a very good origine. On father’s as well as mother’s side w se pigeons that have been reaching for the top on the national level. Wilfried confirms that the ”Bourges” has shown a improving physical condition in the previous weeks and became the boss of the loft. Maybe that is an extra motivation for an excellent!!
In the end, the national glory was Wilfried’s closing piece of what we can call the crazy 14 days. The weekend before he won the Bourges, he won also the 1st provincial from Tours. For this famous fancier from the southern part of West-Flanders, was this the continuation of a wonderful succes story, in which the national na provincial prizes come up many times, for example: 1st nat Narbonne yearlings in ’94, 3rd nat Narbonne yearlings, 5th nat Cahors, 5th nat Bourges old pigeons, 14th nat Bourges oold pigeons , etc……

Our congratulations.

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