Victor Bruynseels (Bevel, BE) wins national Chateauroux III young birds

BE15-6130556 of Victor Bruynseels from Bevel takes a first national against 17,203 young birds.

The national race from Chateauroux will go down in history as one of the worst in the recent history of pigeon racing, as numerous pigeons have failed to find their way back home. The national race was closed on Sunday evening, at which time three in four pigeons were still trying to find their way home.

Still, even the most dramatic races have national winners. The severity of the race does not make Victor’s first prize any less significant. Victor Bruynseel’s BE15-6130556 won a 1st national against 17,203 pigeons with a velocity of 1,117.72 m/min. Still, his national first prize does have a bitter aftertaste: Victor had basketed six young birds for Chateauroux, including his national winner and five young birds from the first round. Unfortunately, none of his five young birds have managed to find their way back home yet.

The winning hen

The winning hen BE15-6130556 was basketed with a 10 days old young bird, which proved the perfect nest position to take home a national first prize in these weather conditions. She wanted to go back to her youngster as quickly as she could, and the rain and wind could not slow her down. She prepared for this race with a number of middle distance flights where she did not really stand out. She also failed to win a national prize from Bourges II.

BE15-6130556, national winner Chateauroux III young birds 2015

The winner in the loft with her youngster

The sire of this national winner is a direct Jules Lens (Putte, BE). His sire, a Laenen-Mariën pigeon from the line of the 8th Olympiad winner in Dortmund, has in turn won a 17th prov. Argenton and a 36th prov. Chateauroux. The dam comes from the bloodline of Alfons Slaets via A. Van Doninck.

Click here for the pedigree of the winning henClick here for the pedigree of the sire of the winning hen.

The transition from shorter middle distance to longer middle distance

It was about ten years ago when Victor Bruynseels seemed to have permanently settled for the longer middle distance competition, having won a 3rd interprovincial Montluçon and a top 10 prize in the national from Limoges. Unfortunately, his best three widowers got lost in a difficult race, and he was forced to return to the shorter middle distance. He managed to win the title of general champion in his club in Duffel for five consecutive times. This year he decided to have another go at the national competition with a group of old birds, but he did not use his strongest pigeons. Yet, he has managed to win a 58th provincial Gueret. He has now decided to prepare his best pigeons for the national middle distance races of 2016, and he might be able to continue his success.


Proficiat met deze mooie nationale overwinning !!

Gerry en Jean Conaert